Taoyuan pretty daughter-in-law 35 romantic little doctor to save the big miss

“You think too much.”Stone said, took out a needle to acupuncture fang Yatong, seven needles fell on fang Yatong.Along with the seven true qi into Fang Yatong’s body, accelerate fang Yatong’s blood circulation, fat burning.About ten minutes later, Fang Yatong felt that she wanted to go to the bathroom. She pushed away the stone, opened the door of the sanitary room and ran out.When I came back, I was already relaxed. I thought about eating too much before, and I didn’t dare to do it again.”Ah!”When she was calm, she remembered that the stone had pricked her with seven silver needles. They were still there, screaming in pain.”I’m sorry, I was about to pull out your needle, but you pushed me out of the way and ran out. Now lie down and I’ll pull out the needle.”Stone explained with a smile to Fang Yatong, fang Yatong how feel stone, is deliberately revenge crocodile turtle things.”A big man small intestines, later I transfer you 100 thousand dollars.””It’s not I don’t want to bid, is your sister-in-law insisted on two thousand dollars.”Fang Yatong said as she lay down.”My sister-in-law is not on the one hand, you do not give me money is on the other hand.””How, to our small mirror lake resources interested in words, later take you to poach.”Instead of catching fish, Stone prefers to look for resources on the edge of the small mirror lake, such as turtle, eel, crocodile turtle and what.Before he did publicity on the Internet, even writing soft articles, have not found a market.It’s nice to have someone to take over, because if you can make more money, you can build a new house and get married sooner.Still promise xia Linlin to build highway additionally, which respect all needs money, oneself must quicent pace just go.”Yes, but we agreed in advance that if you get any more treasures I’m interested in, you must first sell them to me.”Fang Yatong in network sales, has its own live fans, as long as there is good things do not worry about selling.”That’s fine.”Stone and Fang Yatong reached an agreement, Stone to the village activity center to drive, about half an hour later, they have arrived at the Small Mirror Lake.The setting sun at this time, the scenery of the small Mirror lake is particularly charming, Fang Yatong are silly.I had never seen such a beautiful scenery before, and I felt so good when I took a breath of fresh air.All the family pressures were forgotten at the moment, and there were only dreams of better things to come.”Stone, the scenery of your village is so beautiful, why not engage in tourism development.””Now many people in the city are living under great pressure and want to live in mountain villages.”In addition, I think your village can also do real estate development, build high-end villas, attract the freelancers to move in, will definitely make a lot of money.”Although Fang Yatong business failed, but business vision is quite unique.Fang Yatong’s idea at this moment, stone also had before, but lack of funds, this point they are from the big family, have a common view.There are a lot of freelancers these days, and their work is not limited by time or place.With a computer, a network cable can make money, they yearn for a quiet environment to develop their career.There are some rich people, like to rural endowment, building villas in the countryside.Money will be made as long as medical, sanitation and infrastructure can keep up.The key is that rural land is cheap, villas are sold to the rich, and the unit price is very high, which can be imagined.”It doesn’t hurt to stand up. We taoyuan villagers are all farmers.”I don t have that kind of vision, but even if I did, I don t have the money to invest.Stone said, pull up trouser leg, his main goal today is to poach.”That’s true. Although I’d like to invest, MY ability is limited.””If you can let me earn 100 million yuan within half a year, I will invest in your Taoyuan Village for tourism development and build it into the most beautiful village in Luofeng County.”Fang Yatong said, also learn the appearance of stone, pull up trouser legs, small foot stepped into the water inside, a cool and refreshing simply too comfortable.The stone has now begun to use the perspective of the eye, including the mud in the surrounding eel and turtle, can not escape his eyes.”And want to run.”Stone found an eel hole, unplug the surrounding weeds, feet in the silt inside a few steps, an arm thick eel head.Found wrong just want to go back, stone a seize eel’s seven inches, snatching eel out.See the stone catch eel, Fang Yatong jaw will be surprised off, she is so big.I watch a lot of country broadcasts, but I’ve never seen anything this big. It’s amazing.”How, this has seven or eight catties of weight, absolutely is the king of eel.”The reason why the resources of xiaojing Lake are so rich is mainly because the villagers have heard that there are water ghosts in xiaojing Lake and dare not go in.Besides the men in the village, all went to work outside, women dare not catch, all kinds of natural resources are very rich.”That eel I want, a catty 100 yuan, that one, you can earn seven or eight hundred.””There cool there stay to go, the bigger this thing the higher the unit price.””The main thing is I don’t like to do live broadcasting, otherwise just do live broadcasting.””This eel suction of fans, the value of tens of thousands, you give me eight hundred, I as a fool ah!”Fang Yatong smell speech is very suspicious of the identity of the stone, the village people are called stone fool.Stone is how to know from media play, this is not like a farmer can say.”What is your identity, hidden in a small mountain ditch, what unspeakable purpose, tell the truth.”Fang Yatong concluded that the stone is not simple, very seriously to the stone road.”Fuck off, I’m taoyuan village stone.”How could the stone tell his true identity, now he has no ability to revenge, must hide the identity, only then he can survive.Otherwise, let the old lady know his illness, in order not to let him go back to the family property, will send a master to assassinate him.When the time comes, he can rely on martial arts high strong escape, Shen Qiuyue and children how to do, so before the time is not mature, this minefield can not step on.”I believe you a ghost, you this person is very bad.”Fang Yatong stared at the stone, foot suddenly cramp, pain plop slip into the lake, struggling in the lake.”Help, help me.”Fang yatong can swim, but now her feet are cramping and she can’t help herself.I can’t swim. I’ve had a few drinks in a row. I’m drowning.Stone see this scene, hurriedly toward Fang Yatong by the past, this is a matter of human life, he also dare not careless.Soon, the stone to The front of Fang Yatong, fang Yatong rescued from the water, found that Fang Yatong had fainted.

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