Xingyue offers up to 12,000 yuan for a 6000 yuan exchange subsidy

Drop bottom price, special offer to attack, buy is to earn!There are enough cars in the store, complete colors, enjoy shandong ultra-low price!Super low down payment, super low monthly payment!3-5 years of ultra-low rates to enjoy, easy car “loan” home.Can provide door-to-door one-stop service, to the store reimburse round-trip expenses!Also for you to prepare a sumptuous lunch second-hand car free evaluation gift, come to the shop to buy enjoy up to 8000 yuan subsidy;Our shop.Recently, the store every day special car limited purchase.Maximum discount of nearly 10,000 to 20,000 yuan.Click “Inquiry” button, exclusive VIP fast channel, one to one service, so that you can buy cars, enjoy the service;Look forward to your presence!From now on – Ding Sheng Ji he shop all models limited time and then enjoy an additional 3880 yuan exclusive gift package (only online booking to shop customers)!Professional intimate financial manager to provide you with a variety of loan programs: additional loans, warm credit, down payment as low as 4%, financial car purchase gift package, a variety of programs as you choose;Zero interest rate for 18-60 issues!20 percent down payment, 180 days as low as 19.9 yuan!3 years 0 interest, to the highest discount 10000 yuan!3 years 0 interest!Only the heart of the id card, driving license two card loans, in the absence of interest is equal to white use.Super deal, super awesome!To Qingdao ding Shengji and – have a good gift to send you to buy a car is not expensive, not tired!Easy to satisfy all your wishes!The event will run from February 9, 2022 to February 16, 2022

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