Yan Chengxu and Wu Jianhao rare with the box, and broke that year F4 “break” the reason

In the latest issue of “Listen to my friends 2”, the rare combination of Jerry Yan and Wu Jianhao becomes F2 after not seeing each other for years.Wu Jianhao and Yan Chengxu meet for the first time, it is obvious that Yan Chengxu’s eyes will talk, and Wu Jianhao is obviously slower, behind the two people have more interaction.Meet again, Wu Jianhao is obviously no Yan Chengxu enthusiasm, but also said that the reason for the F4 break, when the team is too young, people are too young, because of jealousy and other factors, F4 finally go their separate ways.With the popularity of “Meteor Garden”, F4 forced together four strangers with completely different backgrounds.Dao Ming temple one light is infinite, but always pull out 4 people to act together.After their 7th anniversary concert, they finally parted ways.Zhu xiaotian said in an interview that he was just a colleague with F4.It shows that he and the rest of F4, in fact, not much friendship.Yan Chengxu in “friends please listen 2”, also take the initiative to Wu Jianhao goodwill: “last time to your home…”Wu responded slowly: “That was four or five years ago.”No matter yan Chengxu in front of the camera, the performance of how hot, can not hide, F4 in fact, there is no private intersection.Later, Wu Jianhao and Yan Chengxu together, recorded the New Year video sent to Vic Zhou, they are very tacit understanding did not mention Zhu Xiaotian, it can be seen that Zhu Xiaotian in the other three F4 brothers in the heart of the status of how.That’s what brothers do: you respect me, I respect you.Since there’s no friendship, there’s no point in Posting.Why F4 has not been able to get together all these years, everyone must have the answer in their heart!

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