Increase capacity by 30% to 50%!Beijing Economic Development Zone gets off to a good start

Neolithic Huitong (Beijing) Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Neolithic) has been listed on the list of 751 specialized and special “Little Giant” enterprises in the second batch of 2021 released by Beijing Economic and Information Technology Bureau.After hearing the news, neolithic employees are encouraged.”To receive such good news in the first week of the Year of the Tiger, we are truly proud of our company and this recognition gives us a shot in the arm to fight hard in the year of the Tiger.”A neolithic employee said excitedly.▽ Neolithic unmanned retail vehicle.Data figure, in fact, from the start on the first day, the new stone company will start by issuing a red envelope and so on way to mobilize and motivate employees, management staff but also the work ahead of time, the all-round development, operations, production lines, such as working steadily, and open new stone in the race against time, relaxation of the rhythm of the year of the tiger struggle.According to the person in charge of Neolithic production, the production scale of the company’s factory will be expanded again in the first and second quarters of this year, and the comprehensive capacity is expected to increase by 30%-50%, so as to better guarantee the realization of the company’s 2022 Neolithic unmanned vehicle production and sales plan and launch and operation target.Neolithic unmanned food trucks to promote mobile fire protection.In addition to improving efficiency in terms of production, Neolithic also strives to achieve excellence in r&d and innovation.According to a related official, in the first quarter of 2022, The company will further enrich its technical team, introduce more highly specialized talents, especially strengthen the introduction of technical “big cattle” with doctoral degree, and continue to maintain the leading position of Neolithic autonomous driving technology in the industry by constantly activating the “engine” of innovation.”It is expected that from March to April this year, our new generation of vehicles will make a glorious debut. We believe that it will conquer the market with more intelligent unmanned driving system and outstanding interactive system, and contribute to the Beijing Economic and Development Zone to build a global intelligent connected vehicle technology innovation highland.”Reporter: Zhang Yanyan

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