Stay in Fengcheng Qingyuan, warm New Year’s Day, I wait for you in Qingyuan Ma Tou Mountain

The Spring Festival is coming.During the holidays, going home and getting together is the eternal theme of the Spring Festival and also the common wish of everyone.However, sporadic cases and clusters of local cases have emerged in China, and the epidemic prevention and control situation remains grim and complex.Under the current prevention and control situation, returning home for the Spring Festival does increase the risk of infection. How can we consolidate the hard-won achievements in prevention and control?Local Spring Festival has become a rational choice for many people.Staying in the local area for the Spring Festival not only reduces personnel turnover, but also leaves plenty of time.You can use the good time to recharge your batteries and plan for the future. After the Spring Festival holiday, you can continue to work hard to create a better life for yourself and your family.In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, many migrant workers chose not to return home during the Spring Festival.When they make the decision to celebrate the Spring Festival there, they may feel regretful.But “this place of peace is my home.”Qingyuan municipal government and related enterprises through the warm heart guarantee to let drifting people find the “reason to stay”, through the care measures to let the heart of care to be protected, so that the local Chinese New Year people feel the warmth of home in a foreign land.On the occasion of the approaching New Year, Qingyuan Matou Mountain Scenic Spot has prepared a traditional guzheng performance.Electronic organ music festival, with “drunk” beautiful music, and everyone together to welcome the New Year!A holiday season!Performance Time This music event is carried out in the scenic area, all tourists who buy tickets to the scenic area can enjoy this incomparable music feast!The performance time is as follows: Guzheng: February 1-5, 2022:11:00-12:00 am, 15:00-16:00 PM;Electronic organ: February 2-5, 2022:09:15-10:45 am, 13:00-14:30 PM.Every tourist comes to the scenic spot, will certainly feel the thick flavor of the New Year, as well as different play experience!It is specially noted that during the Spring Festival, the feilada advanced line is only 150 yuan, and the intermediate line is only 98 yuan, and the feilada ticket includes sightseeing ticket sites.We bought the horse head mountain sightseeing ticket 50 yuan, can at the same time sightseeing tour hollow cable bridge, rotating stairs, Midas, Cupid god and other attractions oh, is not very cost-effective ah!Climbing and praying for the New Year!Listening to the string sound like flowing water, it seems that all the troubles and unhappiness are dissipated in the air, how can we miss qingyuan Ma Tou Mountain will be staged guzheng and electronic organ music feast?You come to Matou Mountain during the Spring Festival, in addition to enjoy the music feast, there are a lot of scenic spots worth punching the clock for everyone to play!1. The first climbing in Lingnan — Feilada is the only feilada project in Guangdong Province. The thrilling routes challenge the courage of the participants.Cliff climbing with the aid of iron ropes and foot pedals.In 100 meters of Danxia cliff on the wall, set courage, brave peak.Among them, there is the division of intermediate line and advanced line, according to individual circumstances, can choose the line suitable for their own.The iron cable bridge, with a total length of 163 meters, is built on the Red cliff of Danxia at an altitude of 179 meters, connecting the Danxia mountain on both sides.Covered by wire mesh bridge deck, hanging on all sides, free from the mountain, flying in the sky.The Midas touch to catch the dream hand Midas touch to gold, here to absorb the essence of heaven and earth.It’s an excellent platform from which to enjoy the beautiful scenery.4, rotating stairs step by step a corner, step by step up.After the summit, you can see the scene of “diving dragon Gate”, which is called by the majority of tourists “transfer ladder”.Cupid and his partner whisper softly, from the end of the arrow to the tip of the arrow, hand in hand through the heart.The direction of the arrow is pointing to “the seas run dry and the rocks crumble”, faithful love everlasting, until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble!There is nothing trivial about the epidemic. “Celebrating the Spring Festival on the spot” is an emergency measure at this special time, in order to make the road home for the Spring Festival smoother and the home safer in the future.When spring comes, we can still go home and reunite.Although the Spring Festival does not go back, but with the support of the government, the unit’s care, stay in Qingyuan fengcheng, during the Spring Festival card matou Mountain, the local New Year as warm.It is kindly reminded that guzheng and electronic organ performance during the Spring Festival will be postponed or cancelled in case of force majeure, such as heavy rain and other factors. The final interpretation right is reserved by Qingyuan Matou Mountain Scenic Spot.

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