Why is hoodie + skirt so popular this spring?Watch these tie-in demonstrations and you’ll love them, too

With the arrival of spring and warmer weather, be prepared to switch gears and pack light.This spring, guard coat matchs skirt this tie-in train of thought to begin fire to rise again, the guard coat of neuter wind meets feminine flavour very half skirt, collect recreational and elegant at a suit, fashionable reduce age again.Spring “hoodie + skirt” with what popular?Read these tie-in demonstration, half handsome, half tender feelings, believe you also can fall in love with this pair of having a unique style modern combination.Hoodie + print skirt mix in spring is still popular. Hoodie and skirt are firm and soft, handsome and beautiful, which can perfectly deduce the balanced mix and match style of niangman.In spring, the printing half skirt that chooses romantic profuse is tie-in loose pure color defends garment, one Jane one numerous, of spontaneous sex do not break elegant feminine taste again, cooperate comfortable small white shoe, free and comfortable reduce age again, spring is worn so, look on comfortable and fashionable.Pleated skirts have neat folds that give them a sense of sophistication. In spring, pleated skirts are used with street-style hoodies. They are casual and elegant, but with a touch of elegance, giving the whole outfit a relaxed sense of modesty.In terms of color matching, try to keep it simple. You can choose a black hoodie with a white or light blue pleated skirt, or a similar color matching, such as a pink round neck hoodie with a khaki pleated skirt, which is elegant and shows your quality.The tulle skirt with a bit of fantasy in the lightness is the most suitable for the romantic spring atmosphere. The soft tulle skirt with the loose hoodie can dissolve the roughness and heaviness of the hoodie and balance the overall style of wearing.You can choose the loose oversize hoodie, which gives you a chic and uninhibited street feel. With the tulle ruffled skirt and black loafers, you still lose delicacy and elegance in the casual way.Smaller women should avoid baggy hoodies and opt for a more fitted version.Hoodie + polka-dot skirt White round collar hoodie, simple and bright, in spring wear very lift color.Choose loose fall shoulder design, have a kind of languid is lazy flabby temperament, let a person look to have a kind of petite feeling, look instead more show thin.The skirt collocation please choose classic black and white, blue and white xiaobo half skirt, while restoring ancient ways, with wit and smart, very feminine.This tie-in train of thought also suits middle-aged woman very much, fashionable and elegant very reduce age.A loose-fitting hoodie is best worn with a slim skirt with a narrow hem.If you want to be more stylish, you can pair it with a soft silk straight tube slit skirt, or choose a delicate lace straight tube skirt to perform the balance of niangman style to the extreme.Retro tweed plaid straight skirt can also be worn with simple hoodies, and accessories can be added to enrich the details and layers of the whole outfit, such as a newsboy hat, which is also very stylish and age-reducing.Round collar garment + short skirt garment collocation short skirt, the whole feeling is very reduce age, full of vitality.When wearing this style, it’s best to opt for a more street casual monogrammed hoodie or a patterned crew-neck hoodie with a bit of cool cool, which works perfectly with a denim skirt.For shorter girls, wear a hoodie with a skirt and keep your waist line visible.In addition to denim skirts, there are more fashionable leather skirts, which are used to match letters and patterns of hoodies, giving a handsome taste of rock and roll. The gorgeous leather skirts and the casual feel of hoodies form a very interesting contrast, and the overall wear has both street style and high sense, and the effect of reducing age is full marks.Fleece + satin skirt round collar fleece of grey system, simple but elegant is tonal show temperament very joker, choose loose design is actually more cover the meat thin, comfortable relaxation and freedom, feel very neuter, tie-in texture soft satin bust skirt can increase the gentle woman flavour, the color of the skirt can choose similar color quietly elegant,Or use light blue satin skirt with gray hoodie is also worth learning combination, in short, the color collocation should not be too jumping, keep simple is the most beautiful.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, if any infringement please contact to delete, thank you.# What to wear today ## Trendy style to wear ## Become beautiful Encyclopedia #

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