Zhangjiajie Bureau of Industry and Information Technology to promote the construction of industrial projects achieved remarkable results

Massachusetts moment zhangjiajie April 8 – (correspondent Victoria song) as a whole to promote COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, the full implementation of municipal party committee, municipal government policy decisions and work requirements, zhangjiajie bureau of industry and give full play to the industrial investment in response to the outbreak, affecting the stability of a key role in economic growth, to accelerate the industrial key project construction, fast construction, fast production early,Improve the maturity of newly started projects, vigorously promote the resumption of construction projects as soon as possible, actively collect and plan new projects, and increase the number and scale of industrial project reserves.Through carrying out the construction of “320 Project” to promote new industrialization, strengthening the service consciousness of industrial projects and laying a solid foundation for the three years of strong base multiplication, from January to March, the construction of 64 industrial projects of “320 Project”, including 22 new projects, 15 have been started, the operating rate of 68.18%;Of the 20 projects planned for completion, 19 have been started, with a operating rate of 95%.Five projects have been listed in the provincial “Three high four New” product innovation strong base project database, with the number of entries increasing by 25% compared with 2021.We will do our best to promote the warehousing and integration of projects and promote the complete integration of industrial investment.From January to February, the total industrial output value of the city ranked 10th in the province and 2nd in the assessment queue, 2 places ahead of the previous year.Investment in industrial fixed assets ranked first in the province, 11 places ahead of the same period of last year;Investment in industrial technological transformation ranked second in the province, 7 places ahead of the same period in the previous year.

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