“20220222”, many places are flooded with wedding bookings

“February 22, 2022” the peak date for marriage registration is coming, is there enough local number sources?According to the Wuhan Evening News, the reporter learned from the Wuhan Civil Affairs Bureau, the number of marriage registration on February 22 is significantly more than before, the civil affairs bureau called for rational treatment of such “Internet red days”, and said that various measures will be taken to provide better service to meet the needs of new couples.Civil affairs authorities have asked marriage registration offices to take various measures, such as increasing service capacity and extending office hours according to actual conditions, to meet the demand for couples who registered on Feb 22, the newspaper said.Wuhan Jianghan District marriage registration office staff introduced that the current booking situation shows that there are more newlyweds than before, they will dispatch staff according to the situation, cancel the lunch break to serve the new couple.In addition, the announcement of Shandong Yiyuan County Civil Affairs Bureau also said, in order to meet the marriage registration needs of young newlyweds, On February 22, yiyuan County Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration service center business time adjustment is: 8:00 in the morning, noon, afternoon off delay to the scene business is completed.Meanwhile, many places revealed that reservations for marriage registration on February 22 were full.For example, according to Guangdong Shantou TV on February 14 news, the reporter learned from the civil affairs bureau, shantou city on February 22 appointment registration has been fully booked.At present, 172 couples are scheduled to get married on February 15, while 235 couples are scheduled to get married on February 22, the report said.In order to do a good job of marriage registration on February 22, the Civil Affairs Bureau has asked districts and counties to increase the number of marriage registration appointments according to the actual situation such as the number of marriage registrars and the number of Windows, so as to maximize the needs of the people for marriage registration.At the same time, measures such as temporarily increasing the number of marriage registrars, opening more Windows and extending service hours have been taken to strengthen the guarantee of marriage registration services.In addition, in order to prevent and control the epidemic, marriage registration sites will control the flow of people on site. Those entering marriage registration sites are required to wear masks and take temperature measurements and health code checks.Hangzhou General Channel, a public account on wechat, reported that at 2 PM on February 14, a reporter checked the remaining number of marriage registration reservations available in each city through the wechat public account of Hangzhou Civil Affairs, and found that reservations had been basically completed for February 22, with only a few slots still available in the afternoon.On February 21 and 23, there are still many available in the morning and afternoon.In Hangzhou’s Xihu District alone, 274 couples registered for February 22, nine times the usual number.”Many couples think it is the most loving day to express their love, so many couples choose this day to register their marriages,” said Chen Jun, director of social affairs department of Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau.The staff introduced that they have been paying attention to this date since the beginning of the year before, considering that February 2, 2020 had also seen a surge of bookings.At the moment of the epidemic, in order to avoid the gathering of people, the civil affairs department issued a proper number of registration numbers for this special date, and implemented the registration in batches by stages.According to the report, 2,030 couples have registered for feb 22 in Hangzhou so far.Each marriage registry will try to meet the needs of every new couple, timely increase the number of reservations.The staff will also go to work early on the same day, working until noon and then leaving after finishing work in the evening.According to the official wechat account “Dongguan Civil Affairs office”, the number of marriage registration offices in Dongguan on February 22, 2022 has been fully booked.Dongguan marriage registration management center also reminded prospective couples to reasonably plan the date of marriage registration, avoid the peak of registration, avoid clustering registration.Even if there is no appointment, do not be upset, as long as the relationship is good, every day is a good day.Source: Thepaper.cn

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