Arm LABS tests 64-bit phones, which compress files 90% better than 32-bit phones

Last year, ARM announced that the new architecture would stop supporting android 32-bit applications, and domestic application platforms and mobile phone manufacturers began to accelerate the popularization of Android 64-bit applications.Mediatek, as an important mobile chip manufacturer in the world, has been actively promoting the development of Android ecosystem 64-bit mobile computing, improving the running speed of programs in multiple dimensions, and is committed to bringing users a smoother android terminal experience.As early as 2014, when the first 64-bit version of Android was released, Mediatek first launched SoC products with 64-bit mobile computing capabilities.Breguet 9000 flagship 5G mobile platform, released at the end of 2021, has won numerous praise for its Armv9 architecture, advanced 4nm manufacturing process, and global energy efficiency optimization technology, which fully confirms mediatek’s outstanding advantages in product performance and energy efficiency ratio design.Mediatek Breguet 9000 uses advanced architecture and manufacturing processes to run 64-bit applications at high speed. The Armv9 architecture focuses on 64-bit computing, bringing improved computing efficiency.Faster data processing speeds can meet the needs of new computationally-intensive workloads, such as future experiences such as artificial intelligence (AI), XR (augmented and virtual reality) and high-fidelity mobile gaming.The industry has also demonstrated that 64-bit applications can significantly improve the user experience through multiple application scenarios.Phec9000 runs a number of 64-bit applications, with cold startup speeds up by about 13%-60% compared to 32bit. In terms of application cold startup speeds, mediatek LABS conducted tests based on phec9000 mobile platform, and found that 64-bit applications were 13%-60% faster than 32bit applications.When users experience 64-bit applications on Phecda 9000 terminals, they can obviously perceive the improvement in application startup speed.In contrast, the Unity Engine “Armies” Demo shows that running the 64-bit version brings about a 16% improvement in frame rate compared to running the 32-bit version.In addition, according to Arm LABS ‘tests, 64-bit computing on smartphones delivers a performance improvement of more than 90 percent when compressing files and nearly 80 percent faster when decompressing files compared to 32-bit computing.In terms of power consumption, 64-bit applications have better power performance than 32-bit applications.Major mobile processor architectures can achieve 13.2% to 35.2% efficiency gains in 64-bit computing environments compared to 32-bit computing environments, which means the processor can perform the same computing tasks with less power.In addition, 64-bit architecture also enhances device security, including branch target recognition (BTI), pointer authentication (PAC), and memory label extension (MTE). Security features that cannot be implemented in 32-bit architecture will be implemented in 64-bit architecture.The overall transformation of 64 – bit mobile computing has become an inevitable trend of industry development.Internationally, Google banned smart devices based on 64-bit hardware from downloading 32-bit apps from Google Play in August 2021.Based on Arm’s observations of the mobile market, pure 32-bit application processors that do not currently support 64-bit applications have all but disappeared in the mobile market, and by the end of 2022, Arm predicts that this number could drop to less than 1%.Arm announced in 2021 that all Cortex-A series mobile CPU cores (large and small) would be 64-bit only starting in 2023.In China, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Tencent App Assistant and Baidu Mobile Assistant, the five major Domestic Android app stores, also announced the initiative to upgrade 64-bit apps in stages last year.Since late last year, APP developers have been required to include 64-bit versions of their apps when uploading or updating them on the APP market, rather than accepting pure 32-bit apps, according to industry sources.Popular game engines in the Chinese mainland market are also accelerating application upgrades, such as Cocos2D-X, Unreal and Unity, which are ready for the 64-bit transition.Compared with the overseas market, the 64-bit mobile computing adaptation in the Chinese mainland market started later, but the concerted efforts from the upstream and downstream of the industry make the progress faster.For consumers, there will be no need to worry about pure 64-bit compatibility in 2023.More and more users can see that there are more “64-bit apps” in the app store, which shows that the industry is actively promoting the adoption of the 64-bit mobile computing ecosystem.In the future, as android 64-bit apps become more popular, the mobile experience will improve again.Mediatek is gaining traction with its strong support for 64-bit mobile computing.

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