Is that for Iggy or the Lakers?Munch posted: hope this caught your attention

Recently, the news about lakers player Monk has been the focus of fans, in addition to his millions on the court, off the court, Monk’s rumored news has also become the focus of everyone’s talk these days.Because his girlfriend is famous rap diva Iggy, in the rap circle that is the first female rapper, and she previously with Nick – Young two love story, the world is known, of course, and the famous “record gate” incident.Back then, Yang shaoxia and Iggy were in love, and Iggy was crazy about Nick Young. They were engaged, and they were on the verge of one last shiver.As a result, Nick Young showed up in the locker room to brag about eating iggy behind his back. He was trying to impress his younger brother, but Russell recorded it while giving young a “like” and eventually posted it online.Iggy, no matter how much she loved Nick Young, couldn’t accept such a humble marriage, and eventually, the two broke up.You know, Iggy makes several times more money than Nick Young, and will send Young Shaoxia to play in a private jet. If they get married, they will not only marry a goddess with excellent appearance and body, but also need not struggle for the rest of their life. Do you think he hates Russell?Thankfully, Iggy is back in love.Laker Monk, rapper Iggy, laker Anthony Davis and his wife went on a “double date” for Valentine’s Day at George Baldi’s, a posh Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, The Daily Mail can exclusively report.The Davises are believed to have acted as a bridge between Munch and Iggy.After the date, Iggy seemed to be in a good mood and said yes to the fans’ request for an autograph.Monk in the lakers team practice the second day, also appears to be very excited.Munch took to social media again recently, writing: “I hope this gets your attention.”That was so good, it left us wondering, was that meant for the Lakers or iggy?So far this season, Monk has averaged 13 points, 3.3 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 0.7 steals, and 0.4 blocks in 52 games. He’s shooting 39.9 percent from 3-point range, earning a minimum salary of $10 million, and the lakers could have lost many games without monk’s explosive scoring.Monk will be a full free agent at the end of the season, and there is growing talk of a contract extension.The Lakers are already full of cap space, and according to multiple reports, the reason they didn’t trade at the trade deadline was because they didn’t want to overdraft their future and pay the luxury tax.So, monk’s offseason extension was a conundrum, right?When asked why he doesn’t have a tattoo on his right hand, Munch said:”When I was 17, I heard from Nick Young that he only had tattoos on his left arm. His right arm was a shooting arm and he only used it for scoring, so I decided to follow his example.”In 2018, Munch made Iggy a nice comment on Instagram, and now she’s got Young shaoxia’s ex-girlfriend. “I asked you to copy her, but I didn’t ask you to surpass her.

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