Leadership personnel transfer, subordinates by new and old leaders at the same time, how to choose?

“Career Wisdom” studies the wisdom of ancient people, summarizes the essence of wisdom, combines ancient and modern, reveals the hidden rules of the workplace and office politics in detail, the old leader wants to take me away, the new leader wants to retain me, how to choose?1 the fittest, the future of the old leadership, fight, understand better, to make the right choice, first of all to understand, what reason the old leadership is transferred, or if a promotion is transferred to the more important jobs, that old leadership of the leadership of reuse, prospect broader, old leadership of promising, natural selection to follow the old leadership, so as to maximize interests.On the contrary, the old leadership if transferred in the form of demotion or overhead, that has been losing the trust of the superior leadership, old lead their own at this moment, also can’t take care of you, generally speaking, the former leader if failed, is a leader of the new leadership, the future of the new leadership more vast than the old leadership, then will follow the new leadership.2, the future of the new leadership changes occurred in the leadership positions are typically led by superiors to mobilize, to understand at this moment, new leadership where is transferred, before what level is transferred, if it is a promotion, that belongs to the leader of the new leadership, new leadership has the background, to follow the lead of the have the background, the future more.If it is a flat transfer, it is necessary to understand what department the new leader worked in before, if the previous department is more important than the current department, it is a disguised demotion, if it is more important than the previous department, it is a disguised promotion, promotion follows, demotion does not follow.The importance of factions New and old leaders are transferred in the form of promotion, power is equal, at this time, it depends on the faction to which the leader belongs, which faction is large, follow which leader, in the workplace to learn to take sides, it is better to stand well than to do well.If the new and old leaders belong to the same faction, then it depends on the importance of the department, whether it is a real power department or not, and whose department is important, it depends on the selection of the one who has the most power. In the workplace, the purpose is to gain benefits, and the one who has the most interests will be selected.More dry goods, pay attention to “workplace wisdom” wechat public account

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