“Qi” heart war “epidemic”, transfer warm warmth

Jiujiang News – April 6, a car carrying more than 100 volunteer vests from Jiujiang City Qixiu garment factory arrived at baishuihu street, staff immediately unloading, and transported to the designated storage point.This is the epidemic prevention materials donated for Baishuihu street by Jiujiang Qixiu Garment Factory, a xun, a love enterprise of CPPCC member of Yang District.”During this period of time, the whole country was under great pressure from the epidemic. When the epidemic broke out, street people rushed to the front line at the first time, regardless of their own safety, and I was really touched.”As a lot of CPPCC Ding Qi said, when at present a lot of line workers and anti-epidemic deficiencies, she is very anxious, liaison offices with a lot people’s political consultative conference, Bai Shuihu streets CPPCC national committee immediately made contact, play their own advantages to use rest overtime rushed the volunteer vest, sew on reflective tape on the vest, protect the security of the volunteers,And quickly organize the removal to the required streets.Members of the Baishuihu Sub-district CPPCC will unite as one to fight the epidemic.(Baishuihu Street)

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