Secretary of Zhangping City Party Committee visited Heping Town for investigation

On February 14, Ma Guiqiu, secretary of Zhangping Municipal Party Committee, visited heping Town government, relocation area, Chunwei Village Narcissus tea planting base and Gonggan planting base, Dongkeng Village vegetable base and other places to investigate flood prevention and disaster reduction, poverty alleviation achievements consolidation, rural revitalization and other work.City leader Wang Guangzhi, municipal commission office, inspection office, agriculture and rural bureau in charge attended.Recently, Zhangping city ushered in consecutive days of rain weather, in order to further pressure compaction flood control work responsibility, Ma Guiqiu and his delegation came to the Peace town government, inspected the local flood control materials reserve situation, listened to the town flood control work arrangement and deployment.Ma Guiqiu stressed that the responsibility of flood control is heavier than Mount Tai, zhangping relevant departments should always adhere to the people-centered concept, according to the relevant deployment requirements at all levels, do a solid job of flood control work, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.In particular, we need to further refine and improve emergency plans, strengthen personnel on duty, check the distribution of flood control materials, timely check and eliminate potential safety hazards, and ensure social stability and stability to the full.The production and living standards of the poverty-stricken households have always concerned the city leaders.Centralized resettlement area won peace came to town to move, Ma Guiqiu line carefully examined the centralized resettlement area living environment, household visit sympathy of poverty the masses, understand the production and living conditions, for them to send to the party and the government’s care and best wishes for happiness in the New Year, encourage everyone to enhance development confidence, optimistic face life, use industrious hands to create a better life.Ma guiqiu stressed that all levels and departments in Zhangping city should strictly implement the requirements of “four not picking”, maintain the overall stability of major assistance policies, focus on prominent problems, provide precise assistance and implement policies tailored to households, and continuously consolidate and expand poverty alleviation achievements.From a higher political standpoint, we will do a solid job in encouraging poverty alleviation industries and improving the environment around resettlement areas, and continue to raise the income and quality of life of those who have been lifted out of poverty.As spring returns to the earth, agricultural production in heping Town is busy. In the Daffodil tea planting base, Gonggan planting base and Vegetable base of Dongkeng Village, Ma Guiqiu walks into the fields and talks with village cadres and owners of the base, asking about the planting, output and sales of products in detail.Ma Guiqiu points out, promote agricultural development plays a very important role in comprehensive revitalization of the country, zhangping each related department and the villages and towns (street) and village (community) to set up the concept of green development, actively adapt to market demand, to party members “cooperative + + peasant household”, “cooperative + base”,We will give full play to the role of leaders in achieving prosperity through science and technology and large farmers as the main responsibility, actively promote standardized production in the agricultural industry, and further improve the competitiveness of the industrial market.Continue to enrich the product sales model, with the help of the Internet platform, the use of “live online” and other new sales path, further expand sales channels, improve product sales;We will accelerate the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in agriculture, strive to find a development path that combines leisure agriculture with rural tourism, and build beautiful villages that are livable and suitable for work.(Source: Zhangping People’s Government website)

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