What about video segmentation?Check out this video segmentation tutorial!

When we record a video, it is impossible to be right every time. There are always some redundant clips. Then how to get rid of these redundant clips?At this time, you need to use the operation of video segmentation.All say that now is the era of small video, so today, chenchen will take you to understand this operation, you know how to do video segmentation?One, video cutting tools need to use video cutting tools need to use?Video cutting belongs to one of the video editing operations, is also more commonly used to operation, therefore, a lot of video processing tools are on the market with this operation, the commonly used to chenchen this quick video converter with cutting operation, given that chenchen won’t go to get a special video processing tools, next, in this quick video converter as an example,Introduce how to cut the video!Two, how to do video segmentation?1, open the tool, we can roughly know this tool can realize operation, in addition to such as its name suggests, with video conversion, audio, the transfer of such kind of operation, also can realize video compression, video watermark, video segmentation, video, video, music, video, screenshots, etc.If we need to split the video, click the “Split video” option.2. In the next window, we can see a blue button “Add file” at the top of the interface. Click the blue button, and in the new popup window, find the video file to be split and double click it, so that it can be added to the tool.Of course, you can also find the video file you want to split directly on your computer, click and hold, and then drag it into the tool to add the file.After the tool recognizes the video file, there will be an “Edit and split” option behind it. Let’s click it.4. In the new pop-up window, there are “Start time” and “end time” below, we can cut the video by setting the specific time, click “OK” after cutting, return to the previous interface, and click “All Cut” again.The above is the specific operation method of video segmentation chenchen would like to share with you today, very simple three steps can be done, DO not know this small skill, have you learned?

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