Here comes the Changan Uni-Kidd with a range of 1,100km

Unik-idd sanmenxia has been to the car, all into the store test drive customers have gifts such as successful car purchase is sent: boutique pillow, natural silk, dolls, car storage box and other gifts!There are more gifts waiting for you.Changan UNI-K iDD follows the design elements of visIon-V concept cars, with a borderless grille design style, extending from around the logo to all sides, presenting a sense of future science and technology, which always makes people’s eyes shine.The design of Changan UNI-K plug-in hybrid model is basically the same as that of the fuel version, with iDD hybrid exclusive logo at the rear door. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the fuel version are 4865*1948*(1690*1700)mm, and the wheelbase is 2890mm.It has 3+1 quadruple screen interaction layout, super continuous Mobius double screen interaction, but also brings rich intelligent interaction experience for users.For example, IMS Intelligent cockpit interaction system has FACE ID super account and linkage adjustment function, brightening screen and cockpit all-domain gesture interaction system.Iflytek uses the new language interaction system to realize man-machine multiplex dialogue.In addition, there is the AR real-time rendering technology, through the camera to capture the real scene and load into the map navigation, improve the accuracy of navigation and easy to use, the overall movement atmosphere of the rear is still very strong, equipped with the roof spoiler, sliding back style, rear diffuser and bilateral exhaust layout.In addition, it also retains a penetrating taillight design, which is very recognizable.The car side in addition to the right rear wing sub-plate at the charging interface, and fuel version of the model almost the same.The front and rear fins are recessed to create a wide-body look, with ribs under the doors, large riderswith tight spokes and hidden door handles. The blue Whale iDD hybrid powertrain is the first of its kind in the flagship Uni-K.Let it have “full speed domain”, “full field”, “full temperature domain”, “full time domain” four characteristics, so that consumers get a better travel experience.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)

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