113 Job fairs, There’s always a Bowl for You

The 2022 “Employment Assistance Month and Spring Breeze Action” special activities kicked off 113 job fairs, there will always be your “bowl”.On the morning of February 8, yueyang city, the department of human resources and social security held a “employment assistance month” special job fair in xiangbei Talent market, blowing the horn of “spring breeze action”.The job fair, by effectively building a bridge between supply and demand, not only sends job seekers to the “gift package”, but also helps employers to ease the “recruitment difficulties” problem, but also opens the prelude of the whole New Year talent exchange.Despite gloomy skies and freezing rain, people were still eager to find jobs.8 a.m., xiangbei talent market gate has a lot of job seekers waiting in line.Under the guidance of on-site staff, job seekers entered the venue one by one after wearing masks, taking their temperature and scanning codes for registration information.In the recruitment hall, the long-expected job seekers compare, inquire and discuss with each other at the booths of various enterprises, and the air is filled with the good expectations of job seekers for the New Year.”I heard there was a job fair, so I came here early in the morning with my resume, hoping to find a suitable and well-paid job.”She Jiawen, who has been working in the logistics industry in Shenzhen, said he welcomed and was satisfied with the “job-hunting service at home”.After a preliminary understanding of the enterprises in the venue, he locked the position of electronic information engineering, hoping to achieve a breakthrough in the New Year.Spring is the peak and golden season for hiring and job hunting.Recruitment site, not only job seekers “like fire”, employing enterprises are also thirsty for talents, full of sincerity, as long as there are job seekers from the booth after, there will be recruiters to keep up with the recruitment brochure and the company’s relevant information, some even directly introduce the company’s treatment to job seekers, in order to attract their stop.”Within 30 minutes after the event started, many people came to our office to apply for jobs.”Liu Zhiguo, party secretary of The Yunxi branch of Yueyang Changlian Mechanical and electrical Engineering Technology Co., LTD., told reporters that with the expansion of the company’s business, there is a huge talent gap for technical and management positions. In order to attract applicants, the company is not only working hard on salary, but also other benefits.He hopes holding more such job fairs will not only solve the company’s “panic”, but also provide more job opportunities for job seekers.The job fair is an important part of the municipal employment assistance month and spring Breeze action.In the recruitment activity, the municipal human resources and Social Security department invited 20 enterprises in the “12+1” advantage industrial chain, such as New Jinbao, Changlian Mechanical and Electrical, Yunxiang Heavy Industry, Kelun Pharmaceutical, etc., to provide more than 2000 high-quality positions for job seekers, ignites many job seekers’ enthusiasm for employment.In order to give professional career guidance and policy introduction, many business backbone members of celebrity clubs also set up booths at the scene, explaining relevant policies patiently and carefully to job seekers and answering questions seriously.At the same time, “Xiang Love xiang Love Spring Festival Transport mail” migrant workers service activities are also in an orderly manner.Migrant workers who follow the “Hunan Post micro Finance” official account can receive “consumption blessing package” and “ticket reimbursement” benefits.Offline recruitment is hot, online activities are also non-stop.Relying on the talent information network, the municipal department of human Resources and social Security opened four special job fairs online, including returning migrant workers, people with employment difficulties, ex-servicemen and their families, and college graduates, with 85 enterprises providing 387 jobs.It is reported that this employment assistance month and spring Breeze action special activity with the theme of “Spring breeze send post, job in Baling”, during The period from January 19 to March 31, 113 online and offline job fairs are planned in succession in the city.The company focuses on providing continuous and high-quality job hunting and recruitment services to key groups such as migrant workers returning to their hometowns, people with employment difficulties, ex-servicemen and their families, college graduates, laborers out of poverty, retired fishermen and all kinds of employers in need of employment.It is worth mentioning that the municipal department of human resources and social Security will also collect and subdivide the job information of enterprises in the “12+1” advantage industrial chain, and send jobs to the villagers of Qingshui Village of Pingjiang County and Baojing County in Western Hunan according to the principle of “matching of people and posts and accurate identification” to help them achieve stable employment.

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