When his younger brother refused to assist him, Bushy Eyebrow Monk was temporarily unable to rely on him, and James was prepared for the worst

The Pacers have decided to cut Tristan Thompson after a 48-hour clarification period and he will join the Bulls as a free agent, Said Carlisle.According to multiple reports, TT has been in talks with the Pacers over the past few days to “part company” with the pacers. In addition to the exact amount of the buyout, TT is actively looking for a team that fits him.According to a source, agent Rich Paul had wanted TT to reunite with James with the Lakers, but TT was more interested in championship contention than traffic, and the Bulls, currently atop the Eastern Conference, are clearly better than the lakers, who are ninth in the West.In addition, TT refused to assist James and refused to join the Lakers because he had been labeled “minions, minions” and other titles and did not want to play under the pressure of public opinion for a long time.For James in the TT for the lakers failed to come to the fore, is indeed a very regrettable thing, you know, the lakers insider wheel to positive face huge difficulties, who turns 31, TT, although has not peak on the offensive end, but in the defensive end can still light fever, have the ability to be James right-hand man.TT averaged 2.3 frontcourt rebounds per game, the 19th highest in the league, proving he could fit into a team that lacks a blue-collar center.When his younger brother refused to assist him, Bushy Eyebrow Monk was temporarily unable to rely on him, and James was prepared for the worst.Introduction after TT’s latest decision, then talk about heavy eyebrows and monk, reference is over 57 games this season, the combination of outside threats for James to reduce a lot of pressure, but now the situation is different, James in a short period of time can’t rely on the two men on the pitch, heavy eyebrows and the monk, one plagued by injuries, another addicted to love.It is reported, heavy eyebrows in yesterday and hurt his right ankle, the jazz game of kinematics experts preliminary judge, heavy eyebrows is level 3 sprain, need to rest at least one month time, if in the course of the next check, found that heavy eyebrows right ankle ligament tear, so basic can declare: heavy eyebrows will miss the remainder of the season.Unlike Bryant, who was sidelined by an injury, Monk has been up and down lately, scoring 33 points a game on a good day and just seven on a bad day.According to the Daily Mail, monk’s status as a potential Lakers star has been uncertain because of Iggy Azalea, the former fiancee of Nick Young, who was once married to the lakers. Monk’s social media flirts with Azalea went unmet.Munch has managed to get in touch with Iggy Azalea, and it’s only a matter of time before the pair go public with their romance, as seen in photos circulating on the Internet.There are signs that James is mostly on his own, at least for now, if he’s going to be able to turn the lakers around this season.It’s worth noting that James was recently asked how he felt about the lakers’ current situation and whether he felt luck had something to do with it.”I’ve never had such a bad season in my career,” James joked. “I’m prepared for the worst. I’m just taking it one day at a time.Do you think the lakers will make the western conference playoffs this season?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section and thank you for reading and following.

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