How to socialize high quality

[CP] How to have quality social interaction?Holiday all kinds of visit, New Year, make friends gifts, this issue is practical.Why are young people reluctant to socialize in the first place?”Virtual space is more fun and easier to communicate with,” madu said.In real life conversations, the error rate is too high. The cost of socializing is too high.”Isn’t it?·️ Learn to show weakness in the social process, pull into the distance between people.️ Don’t be overly sensitive when judging interpersonal relationships.️ Human wisdom is the article, social modesty is also very important.️ There’s no need to force yourself to attend social events you don’t enjoy ️ Respect and sincerity are always important in social situations.”Working with people you like is not skill, but working with people you don’t like is skill.”Compare your high status of people, it is a matter of course, compare your low status of people good that is your accomplishment, look up at others, low look at themselves, modest benefit full recruit loss.What’s more, I don’t like people who only show off how powerful they are. What’s the use of a person who has talent? Only by being used by me can he be useful.Others might think so, too.# Social phobia

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