The Spring Festival in the Geological Museum of Tianzhu Mountain is strong

On the first day of the Spring Festival, tianzhu Mountain Geopark Museum launched a special exhibition and warm service activities, attracting a large number of visitors to experience a different taste of the New Year.Early in the morning, tianzhu Mountain Geological Park Museum decorated with New Year flavor.This year, the museum’s new launch of “Taurus to say goodbye to the old year, fu Tiger to welcome the spring” in the museum to find the taste of the New Year series of activities has long been hanging tourists’ appetite.Xu Xiaosan, curator of tianzhu Mountain Geopark Museum, said, “The museum was normally open during the Spring Festival holiday this year.In addition, the first dinosaur fossil we discovered in Qianshan last year was also exhibited during the Spring Festival.To provide comfortable and high-quality service for the vast number of visitors, the museum also arranged four volunteers to serve every day.Because this is the first time dinosaur eggs have been found in the area, and it’s the first time they’ve been put on display.Early in the morning, many visitors came to the entrance of the museum to scan the code to see the eggs.At present, the dinosaur eggs became the net red exhibits of the Tianzhu Mountain Geological Park Museum.”We all wanted to know about the new dinosaur eggs on display,” said Xian Wang, a tourist. “It felt mysterious and we came to have a look on the first day of Chinese New Year.”After seeing the dinosaur eggs, zhu Tangchun, a tourist, said excitedly: “Today to see this dinosaur egg, quite fresh.I didn’t expect it to be beautiful, with lots of crystals in it.”I used to stay at home with the elderly.With the Tianzhu Mountain Museum, we can bring our children to learn about the animals and human history of the buried hill, so that the children can learn some knowledge and have a different year.”Tourist Wang Mengxiang said.Zhu Hao Dai Ming new An Evening News anhui network big Anhui news reporter Jiang Liuqiao editor Zhang Dawei statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be processed in a timely manner.Email address:

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