To appease the public and send an adventure?Guo Weiwei to honor the promise of the whole people to send adventure, but the players are malicious

These days, sword net 3 all kinds of discomfiting, players in the whole process also received a lot of abuse should not exist, suffered grievance.Fortunately, the official jiannet 3 issued a timely statement, disclosed and sorted out the time process, vigorously fought back against all false information and malicious slander, and took up legal weapons to defend the game itself and the rights of players.Especially after the declaration, the importance of the player to the sword net 3 is emphasized, so that the two days in the smoke of the players feel comforted.The official issued “statement” to support the players, gave the players a great confidence, we also from these days bad mood relief, began to joke, of course, the most mentioned, or.Many passers-by involved in the event wondered what it was that made swordnet 3 players so fascinated.Here’s how to “decode” it: In full, you can open it in any of the ordinary adventures of Sword Net 3.Although there are certain qualifications threshold conditions, but also rare super props.After all, the process of porcelain adventure is really Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Difficult!Because this thing has nothing to do with hard work, just look at the face!So you can see how much players are looking forward to Guo Weiwei and Xianyu’s release. After all, who wouldn’t want a white whoring adventure?But the official mouth is really hard, would rather out of the legal department overtime rights protection, also do not loose the mouth to send players adventure props.Even players have joked: you said that the game is a spicy chicken xianyu do not speak, you said that xianyu is shrimp he posted four microblog;You put Westmount Legal on the job and he plays dead, and you put Westmount Legal on the line right now with a mirror!Unexpectedly, this wish really came true.Guo Weiwei said on his microblog: “The Spring Festival of the Tiger will be 100% triggered by a new adventure!So the adventure comes late!Guo Weiwei and Xianyu still see the voice of the players!From the in-game world channel to the comments on Weibo, the game has really compensated players for an adventure, and the reward for the adventure is a “lion dance” mount that can be ridden!But quick players see the trick at a glance: wake up the dreamers!Sure enough, Guo Weiwei is still stingy with that!Of course, the above are all joking, players can indeed understand, after all, can open too many adventures, if in the game frequently, will break the setting of scarcity, so frequent distribution is not a good thing.Even when it was first released, many players almost thought that Swordnet 3 was going to cool off and run away.Happy New Year to you all!Happy every day!Be sure to run and tell friends and relatives about the adventure!

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