Wu Qian, Luo Yunxi, BIG S, Li Yitong, Li Guangjie can’t become middle school students?C-idol cares about luck?

1. Possibility of Wu Qian and Luo Yunxi?Wu Qian side just announced divorce, there are netizens think of her and Luo Yunxi when the cooperation of the plot, some small details are also with the reality on, so the cp of Wu Qian and Luo Yunxi.These two have cooperated for many times, really if can develop come out point what spark, that don’t have zhang Yujian what matter?So it’s a cooperative friendship, and people just get high on character cp.Again Wu Qian returned to the single state, at present, there is no energy to develop new feelings immediately, and the child is small her mind is also on the children.Without emotional troubles, her career can also grasp again, after all, was also a promising flower of the company, although the middle is delayed for a few years, but now come back to fight, is not without hope, of course, the premise is that the hope of acting can be improved after certain life experience.2. Is she in a good divorce?Small S in the program premiere of the press conference, revealed a lot of big S’s recent situation, said she is now in a very good state.Because recently all stay at home to play with children, life focus on parenting, when the mother, no pressure so look good, state.As to whether Hsu will return to acting, she thinks hsu always has a dream of acting, so if a great script and a suitable director come along one day, I will try it out.Big S does not return this is her own choice, even now out of the circle, for her is not impossible, and she used to because of pregnancy and production did fall a lot of problems, so now rest can understand.Now that she is single, she doesn’t have to worry about many things. She doesn’t have to reply to any news from Wang Xiaofei, which is one of the reasons why she is in a good state.3. Li Yitong shielding CP powder?Li yitong posted a valentine’s Day post to her followers, and then immediately replied to one of them, saying, “Thank you for the quick blocking.”That interaction netizen this time message does not have what problem, otherwise also won’t be turned over by Li Yitong at the beginning.But Li yitong quickly block, may be found that the net user is expired CP “card huang” CP fan.And Li Yitong and Huang Tingting broke off early, how good in front of the back of how cold, and Li Yitong did so also shows their attitude to the CP.If there’s no interaction between the two of them, it’s almost as if things aren’t going well.Huang Tingting and the company over the past few years are almost no action, Li Yitong is stronger than her, but the heat is also general.Now there is no cooperation, no interaction, I did not expect cp fans such a long relationship is still high.4. Li Guangjie can’t become a middle school student?Zhao Liying and Li Guangjie are shooting new drama, Li Guangjie his resources this has been quite stable, and last year but uninterrupted exposure, of course, he mainly depends on the work, film and television drama together also have five.Can keep filming on the play, but also because his acting reputation can also be.Although it is true that the acting recognition is more, but also can feel his business card in a bottleneck stage breakthrough, such as awards aspects are no, you don’t have gold content high awards, then there is flow heat is not high also, so someone still wondering how he born into less than before, you know like deng chao, huang xiaoming got into,Can be awards and heat are some, so the ranks are more competitive, Li Guangjie is still far from entering the ranks.4. 5. Smart mattressC idol’s family team also has a family member who is responsible for the participation, because it is the elder and yuquan believes in fortune, so the people around him are also confirmed in this aspect.For the job seekers will finally calculate the eight characters, etc., if this is not appropriate, then it will not recruit, mainly is not afraid of ten thousand afraid of one thousand, so in this respect particularly cautious.In fact, there are a lot of fish circle like this kind of situation, some companies looking for office location, interior decoration design and decoration, are asked about the layout is also exquisite, so like has been made in the company boss, he is also very concerned about these.

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