Brother overcoat, Yuan Qing and other hubei Jingzhou performance, Yuan Qing out of the limelight

On Feb 5, Shandong singers, including Brother Overcoat and Yuan Qing, were invited to perform at a wedding ceremony in Hubei province.Yuan Qing in the back of the waiting field, heard the front singing song, excited Yuan Qing sang along.It was Yuan Qing’s turn, Yuan Qing sang three songs at a stretch.Yuan Qing, dressed in red, sang vividly and won the applause of the audience. Yuan Qing was not only good at singing, but also beautiful.The last song yuan qing sang was “The Waves in Honghu Lake beat waves”.This song originated from Hubei, hubei people are certainly familiar with it.Yuan Qing invited the audience to sing the song together. Yuan Qing walked into the audience and shook hands with the audience while singing. Yuan Qing stole the show this time.

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