Will microtia affect job hunting?There are people with small ears who do these things…

In China, congenital microtia is a relatively common congenital malformation. Many parents find their babies with congenital microtia. While blaming themselves, they often worry about whether their children will not be able to integrate into school life and social life, and whether it will affect their employment.Today we are going to talk about employment.In fact, microtia patients looking for a job is the most important hearing problems.Microtia is often accompanied by atresia of the external auditory canal, which can affect hearing.Microtia is mostly unilateral, so most people cannot hear in one ear, and hearing is normal in the healthy ear.For microtia patients with unilateral hearing impairment, some jobs that pay more attention to hearing, such as translators, band directors, police officers, pilots, scouts, etc., have no choice, and most jobs will not be affected.In contrast, people with bilateral microtia, who have trouble hearing in both ears, have a harder time finding work.People can through hearing reconstruction surgery or hearing AIDS, restore part of the hearing, to avoid deafness and dumb, but also improve their ability to adapt to society.In addition to hearing, the shape of the ears is also a factor in the job search for microtia patients.The appearance of ears with ear deformity is very different from that of normal ears.The auricle shape of the mildest microtia was still recognizable, but obviously smaller than that of the normal auricle.Severe only a small skin tag, or even no ears, to the appearance of the greater impact.Often need to “public appearance” or high requirements for appearance, such as receptionist, business personnel, flight attendants, models and other professions, malformed ear shape is their competitive disadvantage.For career planning, you can “play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses” and choose editing or technical jobs.Among the adult patients with microtia that I treated, the employed patients were teachers, logistics, e-commerce, copywriters, we-media workers, etc., and some were their own bosses, so to speak, they were involved in most industries.However, there are also many patients said that because of ear deformity, in the interview often rejected.On equal terms, some companies will give preference to candidates with normal ears.Therefore, there are many patients who come for ear reconstruction because of employment problems.A year and a half after the operation, the reconstructed ear was almost the same as the normal ear, with basic symmetry in size and position with the contralateral ear, proper cranio-ear Angle, distinct auricle structure and good ear contour, which could almost achieve the effect of indistinguishable from the real one.It is necessary to remind you that ear reconstruction surgery is extremely difficult. If you want to have a more ideal surgical effect, you are advised to find a professional doctor for surgery.

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