High mathematics knowledge point: sine function and function image transform

After learning this lesson, you will master the following knowledge points: 1.2. Sinusoidal function image transformation and related questions;The minimum positive period of y=sinx is 2π, and the period can be 4π, -6π.By using the unit circle tracing method, the line segment of the ordinate is moved to the coordinate axis with an interval of 30°.Sinx function graph, domain, range, axis of symmetry, center of symmetry, zero (note zero is a value not a point) and monotonicity.Draw the sinx graph by hand, and make sure it’s chunky, because PI is less than 3.14.Question type: investigate the monotony of trigonometric function examine the graph of function and monotony combined with the graph of function, solve the problem.Note the intersection and union for the domain and the sum for the monotonic interval.Use image method and function and equation to solve.High school three years of planning: the college entrance examination is a time-limited battlefield, first come, first served, so to learn in advance.I broke through one subject (math) in senior one and two subjects (math and English) in junior one.Grade two, improve the ability to do difficult problems.Third year in view of knowledge points and required questions type, archiving.According to the examinee want to take an examination of the university, and then check the school’s admission plan in the province and the admission scores of each subject;The second to ask the teacher in charge of the school to take an examination of how many points and how many in the grade.Must have a goal of learning, do not say vaguely better than the last test, must be specific.The use of winter and summer vacation must be in advance to learn next semester 80% of the content, and then formal learning jet lag, as a review.High grade is bad, remedial also should fill according to the school curriculum progress.Be sure to do more questions, do queen male and intensive or brush questions.Classification discusses the value of A: using the separation constant method, write the style of whoever is at the bottom of the fraction.Problem: Need to understand!The first step is that sinx must have two values, and the quadratic function of the substitution must have one and only one value.Otherwise you would have 4 intersections.So if you look at the graph below and this is the graph of the function that you want, you know that the value of m is (1,3) and the minimum.Sinusoidal function investigation: trigonometric function image transformation: junior and senior high school function transformation specifications, left plus right minus up plus down, the former corresponding to the change of X (x is not x coefficient), the latter corresponding to the change of Y.For example, sine of 2x+2π is the sine of x that has been thinned out, that is, the period has been shifted to the left by half PI /4, not PI /2.I want to focus on what happens to sine of 2x, the graph gets fatter and thinner.Test: T = 2 PI/w.Image transformation of two ways: 1. First telescopic translation after translation 2. First telescopic translation after expansion.Conclusion: when the picture changes, the stretching answer stays the same and the translation answer changes.Image translation: finish, Get✓.If you find this technique helpful, feel free to leave a comment, like it, and forward it to more friends!

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