In the Qing Dynasty, local tourists dominated the regional hot spots to show the resilience of tourism market

China News Service Beijing, April 5 (reporter Liu Liang)As this year’s Qingming Holiday draws to a close, big data released by online travel platform Qunar on Monday showed that family visits and short trips within the province are the most popular days for qingming, with April 5 being the peak day for return trips.During the Qingming Festival, nearly 80% of the tourists travel by railway in The province. Chengdu East Railway Station will send the most passengers during the Qingming Festival holiday in 2022.Despite restrictions on cross-provincial travel during the Qingming holiday, regional hotspots show the resilience of China’s tourism market.According to qunar, shenzhen and Xi ‘an saw a retaliatory rebound in the tourism market, with the number of searches on the platform more than 10 times higher than before the holiday, boosting tourism to neighboring cities in Guangdong and Shaanxi provinces.Many scenic spots in Sichuan, Beijing and other places are popular with the public. In some minority tourist cities in Xinjiang, Qinghai and Tibet, hotel bookings for this year’s Qingming Festival have increased by 30% compared with last year.Lanxiang, president of Qunar Big Data Research Institute, said that during the Qingming Festival this year, travelers will mainly go home and travel for short and medium trips.Among them, the travel volume in southwest Sichuan-Chongqing region and the Pearl River Delta region is higher, the search volume of air tickets in Shenzhen increased by 18%, and the tourism market in western China recovered well.In terms of air tickets, according to Qunar data, air ticket bookings in cities with relatively stable epidemic conditions increased by 30% over the previous week.It is worth noting that this year approaching holiday nodes, a number of popular airline ticket prices drop significantly.According to Qunar Big Data, as of April 4, the average price paid for economy class tickets booked from April 1 to April 6 was 548 yuan, down nearly 20% from last year. This year’s qingming Festival ticket price is the lowest in the past three years.(after)

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