Ineffective epidemic prevention!A chengxiang express delivery company was ordered to suspend business for rectification

Fujian Daily · New Fujian client April 4 (Reporter Chen Shengzhong correspondent Lu Gangwen/photo) 3, Chengxiang District Transportation Bureau and Putian Postal Administration issued “Rectification Notice” to Zhongtong Express Chengxiang Branch, sealed up the company’s sorting and processing site, and ordered to stop business for rectification.Previously, the local epidemic prevention and control teams found in the field visits, zhongtong express residences branch lax management, weak consciousness of epidemic, not strictly implement the sweep, temperature measurement, disease prevention and control measures, such as a real-name registration at the same time express xiaosha does not reach the designated position, some workers, truck drivers not to wear masks and other non-standard problems.The staff of the Postal Security Center of the District Transport Bureau ordered the company to rectify the situation within a time limit, but the company still failed to rectify the situation after several on-site inspections, which brought some hidden risks to epidemic prevention and control.It is reported that during the rectification period, the postal administration will urge enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control of enterprises, carry out special training on epidemic prevention and control for all employees, improve the internal epidemic prevention and control management system, and strictly implement the provisions of the Seventh edition of the Suggestions on Production Operation Standards for Postal Express Industry during Epidemic Prevention and Control.After the rectification is completed, the business can be resumed only after the joint acceptance and review by Putian Postal Administration and Postal Industry Security Center of Chengxiang District.Residences area of the postal service transportation security center manager Xie Jianqing said, will further increase the express industry supervision, urging express enterprise strictly implement the relevant provisions of the epidemic prevention and control, accomplish “three in place” must “three”, the area of more than 200 express companies (dot) complete coverage of supervision, to ensure delivering epidemic prevention and control of logistics industry no dead Angle, no holes.Source: Fujian Daily client

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