— Kenli Sub-branch, Dongying District, Bank of China, visits frontline anti-epidemic workers

The public network, poster news reporter who was on probation Kai-chieh chang correspondent Zhang Jia Dongying reports for the power of the epidemic prevention and control work, on April 1 in the afternoon, the bank of China dongying Sun Yunjie kenley branch party secretary, President, vice President tao one line to the kenley area highway KouKa point sympathy activities, visit the fighting in the front line staff of epidemic prevention and control,We gave them purified water, instant noodles, ham and daily necessities.During his visit, Sun Yunjie and his delegation expressed their high respect and heartfelt gratitude to the front-line workers working day and night, and urged everyone to pay attention to their own safety in epidemic prevention and control.At the same time, Sun yunjie said that to contribute to the epidemic prevention work is not only a support for the national anti-epidemic campaign, but also the social responsibility of the Bank of China.The condolence campaign moved the frontline staff, who said they will continue to stick to their posts, fulfill their duties and do their best, and they firmly believe that the battle against the epidemic will be won.In dongying kenley branch of bank of China will continue to increase the epidemic prevention and control of various security work, increase the financial supply, with financial guarantee the livelihood of the people, living water to ensure that special period, the outbreak of financial services is not short, not dropped, not the speed limit, grow together, mutual care, unity is strength, overcome difficulties, to go all out to win the epidemic war contributions to the bank of China.

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