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At 20:05 on February 2nd, the curling competition of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Aquatics Center (Icecube), which is the first event of the Current Winter Olympic Games.China’s Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi beat Australia’s Jill and Lleyton Hewitt 6-5 to win their second straight round robin match.In the match that just ended, the Chinese pair came back in the last set and lost 6-7 to Eriksson/De Waal of Sweden.A battle of the best, glorious defeat!The winter Olympic Games held, set off the ice and snow sports upsurge, has always been a cold curling project has been more and more people’s attention.Tomorrow afternoon, China team will face Canada team, in the teacher jun for you sorted out 8 knowledge points about curling, quickly tell children, together help the Winter Olympics!What is curling?Curling, also known as Curling, is a throwing competition on ice played by teams. It tests the physical strength and mental capacity of participants, displays the beauty of movement and wisdom of choice, and is described as the “chess” on ice.Curling was introduced as a demonstration sport at the first Winter Olympics in 1924.What are the rules of the competition?In curling, two teams compete against each other, with four players on each side. Each player on both teams has two curling stones, that is, two chances to throw the pot.It is divided into first base, second base, third base and fourth base. When a player is throwing, two members of the team hold the brush in front of the curling stone and brush the ice quickly so that the curling stone can reach the center of the base accurately.An opposing player may also wipe the ice in front of the stone to keep it away from the center of the circle.In 10 games, the team closest to the center of the circle wins each game, and the one with the most points wins.When the athlete hurls the pot, the body crouches down, and pushes forward with the ice foot on the starting pedal to make the body slide forward kneeling. At the same time, the player pushes the curling stone forward from the center of home plate to the forward line, and releases the curling stone to slide to the center of the camp in a straight line or arc track.While trying to slide the stone towards the center of the circle, the thrower may also, under the command of the main player, knock the opponent’s stone out of the camp or his own stone into the center of the camp.Finally, when the two players have completed all the curling, the winner is determined by the distance between the curling stones on the field and the center of the circle. The team with more points wins by 1 point per stone.The competition is divided into two teams. Four players from each team take turns to throw. The one whose point is close to the center of the circle will throw first.Each game ends after each team alternates and each person throws two POTS, and the eight players throw sixteen POTS in total.In both cases, for example, the red team won, scoring 1 point (left) and 2 points (right) respectively.Each team throws five curlers.The player who throws the first pot must also throw the last pot.What are the race equipment?Athletes wear sportswear and race shoes (or shoe covers), which have different bottoms. The bottoms of ice shoes are rubber, while the bottoms of sliding shoes are plastic.Consisting of a body, handle and bolts, the stone is less than 30 centimeters in diameter and weighs nearly 20 kilograms. The granite body is made in Scotland.The curling sports shoes worn by athletes have a great way, with the help of the pedal starter power sliding, the structure of the sole of the two feet is different, easy to switch between sliding and braking.What exactly does curling brush?The answer is ice grains!Ice makers spray purified water evenly on the ice to form even ice particles, also known as “dot”.These grains create space underneath the stone, somewhat reducing friction and, given the concave shape of the bottom, preventing the stone from sticking to the ice.As it slides on the ice, it slightly melts the ice grains and forms another thin layer of water, which allows the curling to glide more smoothly.Why brush the ice?By brushing the ice, the surface temperature of the ice can be raised instantly, making the curling go further.The harder you brush, the more the top of the ice bead melts and becomes smoother, whereas if the pot is close enough to the base or center of the circle that you don’t need to slide too far, the roller doesn’t need to brush the ice too hard.There are all kinds of brushes — corn brushes, horse hair brushes, and more advanced synthetic brushes.In addition, the skater can change the direction or speed of curling by brushing the ice along the track of the skate.That’s the essence of controlling both the direction and the speed of curling!What water is used to make ice?The curling courts do not accept impurities in the water, which is not tap water from the tap at home, but purified deionized water.The water freezes faster and harder, making it the best brush.And most importantly, because of its physical properties, the ice grains can stay firm for a long time, lasting the entire game.What are the athletes Shouting?”Shouting” is usually thrown and command team members, Shouting for two reasons: one is to give the ice wipe ice instructions;Two because the curling arena is too long, don’t shout really can’t hear.Because of differences in language, custom and personal preference, the chant of each team has its own characteristics, but it basically means two things: “Harder!Rub it hard!””Stop rubbing!Enough strength!”Where is the curling arena?Beijing 2022 Curling will be held at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing. The standard curling surface is 45.72 meters long and 5 meters wide. There will be four courses for the Winter Olympics.Since the success of the bid, snow and ice sports have been introduced into schools, and sports and education have been integrated in order to make snow and ice sports take root among young people.At present, many schools throughout the country have popularized curling.For example, the experimental primary school affiliated to Minjiang Teachers college in Fuzhou, Fujian province, was the first primary school in fuzhou to promote curling.After selection, the school has now organized a student curling association of 40 people, and introduced the former national curling team member Wang Ziyue’s team to guide.In May last year, the school was named a school featured in campus ice and snow sports by the Ministry of Education.The primary school of Jinhua School, Shizhong District, Jinan city, Shandong Province, introduced the popularization of ice and snow sports such as dry curling and ice hockey to the campus, and set up a dry curling team to further improve students’ ice and snow sports level.Liu Dongli, head of the sports unit of Dongguang County Education Bureau in Cangzhou, Hebei province, spontaneously developed “desk curling” to promote the popularization of ice and snow sports into the campus. All schools in the county made more than 1,500 sets of desk curling equipment, and each class reached two to three sets, so that students can practice in their spare time.What!Feel the magic of curling?Look forward to more wonderful performances of the Chinese team!Team China, come on!Source: China Education Daily

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