Ski big jump next to a “nuclear reactor”?

China’s Gu Ailing won the gold medal in the women’s freestyle ski platform final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday.After the competition, not only the young Gu Ailing became the focus of the world’s attention, the birth of this glorious competition venue — Shougang ski jump, also attracted the attention of foreign media.In the footage captured by reporters, Gu Ailing flipped the cooling tower with the Beijing Winter Olympics emblem “Winter Dream” painted on the background.Gu Ailing said that this time she is back in her hometown to compete, very cordial.She likes this place very much, and not only she, all the athletes told her that shougang platform is the best place she has ever skied.”The site, first of all, is very well built.And normally, this kind of snow field, it’s very hard, and it’s very easy to freeze.But it’s not really that hard.”Smiling, Gu said she didn’t know how she did it in such an ideal venue, but it was a great feeling to compete on the shougang platform.Earlier in training, Gu said it was the most beautiful ski jump she had ever seen, “because the four shougangyuan cooling towers beside it give it a cool atmosphere, which is exactly what ski jumping needs.”Except for Gu Ailing,They also big platform for shougang skiing “praise” the freestyle skier Alexander said shougang ski hall big platform “behind the” chimney “cool” American freestyle skier Nick GePo said “it felt like place oneself in the virtual world or the network game” and foreign players lamenting the “this is one of the coolest picture I have ever seen” “see this fantasticTo see a new venue that is an iconic venue that is performing well is beyond my wildest dreams.”International Olympic committee (ioc) President Bach to shougang ski big platform said after watching the games in Beijing, a spokesman for the committee in response to foreign media rumors “nuclear facilities” however GuAiLing title after a famous American entrepreneurs on their social media accounts of shougang ski pictures of big platform called “this picture makes me angry, we should also next to the ski resort to build nuclear reactors”, a spokesman for the Beijing games organizers wei-dong zhaoIn response, it said that referring to the cooling towers of the steel mills as nuclear facilities was “simply impossible and ridiculous.”Wei-dong zhao introduced shougang ski jumping in shougang industrial zone is the first in the history of the games are combined with industrial heritage reuse directly the competition venue is also the world’s first permanent retention and use of large shougang ski big diving platform diving platform to understand the games of the competition center will be open to the public turns into a sports theme park will host a big platform project at home and abroad at the same time sports games such as no spittingThe industrial chimneys of the smokestack — hard to find in all the big diving venues around the world, the background of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee practicing the concept of sustainable development and frugality, shining with the light of Chinese wisdom

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