BMW group, Qualcomm and Engel Software reach a long war

BMW Group, Qualcomm and Engel Software will jointly develop the next generation of autonomous driving technology. We are committed to creating one of the best autonomous driving technologies in the market segment, covering L2 level advanced driver assistance systems and L3 level accelerated autonomous driving features.The BMW Group, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Arriver Software AB have announced the start of a long-term strategic partnership in the development of autonomous driving Technologies.The three parties have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop the next generation of autonomous driving technologies, L2 level advanced driver assistance systems and L3 level autonomous driving functions.As a pioneer in the mobility revolution, BMW Group has more than 10 years of research and development experience in the field of autonomous driving, accumulating a large number of breakthrough key technologies.The BMW Group has maintained a high r&d investment for many years, with a total r&d investment of 6.299 billion euros in 2021, mainly in areas related to new vehicle architectures and electric product offensiveness, as well as digital products and autonomous driving.In the future, THE BMW Group will continue to deepen the development of future mobility innovation, with a view to truly transforming itself into a leading technology company in the luxury mobility sector, providing customers with superior future mobility experience.Adhering to the concept of open innovation, BMW is cooperating with outstanding enterprises in different fields to jointly promote the development of the autonomous driving ecosystem.”This collaboration marks an important milestone in the development of the BMW Group’s next generation autonomous driving platform,” said Nicolai Martin, SENIOR Vice President, BMW Group Driving Experience.In order to achieve advanced and safe autonomous driving functions in vehicles, cutting-edge software will become the backbone of intelligent driver assistance systems.”We are excited to further expand our partnerships with global technology leaders Qualcomm and Arriver Software AB to continue providing our customers with world-class driving experiences through long-term strategic partnerships.””We are excited to establish a long-term strategic partnership with BMW Group and Arriver Software AB,” said Nakul Duggal, senior vice President and General manager of Qualcomm Technologies’ Automotive business.Through this collaboration, we are committed to developing and deploying L2 to L3 levels of autonomous driving for future BMW production models and extending BMW’s autonomous driving software to the Snapdragon Ride platform.At the same time, we will build an open, flexible and scalable autonomous driving platform to provide safer autonomous driving technology to other vehicle manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers.BMW products have always set an example of high quality, performance and safety standards, and with the upcoming global launch of BMW production models equipped with next-generation autonomous driving software, Snapdragon Ride will bring greater economies of scale to the automotive industry and shorten development times for new models.”Giuseppe Rosso, President and Managing Director of Arriver Software AB, said: “We are excited to combine Arriver Software AB’s visual awareness system with BMW’s autonomous driving Software stack.The Arriver Software AB team will join forces with BMW Group and Qualcomm to develop the next generation of open, scalable autonomous driving strategies to deliver best-performing autonomous driving solutions to our customers around the world.”At present, BMW Group’s latest BMW Automatic software stack has been first installed in the innovative BMW iX model.The three parties will jointly develop the next generation of autonomous driving technology based on BMW Group’s latest BMW autonomous driving software stack.In November 2021, the three parties announced that BMW Group’s next generation of autonomous driving systems will be based on the Snapdragon Ride™ Vision System-on-chip, including the Arriver Visual awareness system and the Snapdragon Ride Platform computing controller.The collaboration will focus on building scalable autonomous driving platforms based on common architecture, sensor suites, safety requirements, toolchains, and autonomous driving data centers for storage, reprocessing, and simulation testing.More than 1,400 technical experts from Germany, China, the United States, Sweden, Romania and the BMW Group’s autonomous driving test center in the Czech Republic will participate in the cooperation.Going forward, BMW Group, Qualcomm and Arriver Software AB will continue to work closely together to create and continue to develop an ecosystem of autonomous driving solutions, and remain open to further collaborations.Innovative technology and application, green/sustainable development with innovative technology, please your unique and outstanding travel experience: With innovative technology, care for your personalized car experience, more convenient/easy/convenient/safe/intelligent/efficient use of innovative technology, to achieve “zero distance” human-vehicle interconnection:Automatic driving assistance system Pro, traffic congestion assistance, lane change assistance lane correction, automatic parking assistance, tracking assistance with scientific and technological innovation, constantly to achieve all new possibilities, to provide more personalized needs;Sustainable development is the core of BMW Group strategy;Only shoulder responsibility, can be luxurious positioning rich products/environmental products;Less emissions/lower fuel consumption, achieve carbon dioxide emissions target is committed to creating the “greenest” electric vehicles for users environmental protection life, green lifestyle, green travel, low-carbon travel to your car responsible, sustainable development concept of car policy!Suzhou Junbao line — from Europe BMW experts Suzhou Junbao LINE BMW 4S shop Address: No. 2700 Sun Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City tel: +86 (512) 8888 8889 Suzhou Junbao line BMW official certification used car showroom address: No. 2588 Sun Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City Tel:Add: 2700 Sun Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, China Tel: +86 (512) 8888 8889

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