Dongying Guangrao: Love empty nesters warm welcome yuanxiao

Qilu net · Lightning news February 16 – the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival is China’s traditional festival, in order to let the elderly spend a warm and peaceful Lantern Festival, Dongying City, Guangrao county carried out the “Lantern Festival to send sweet dumplings warm lonely old people” theme activities.Early in the morning, the volunteers of Guangrao County and the medical care staff of Dongying Ning Kang Yi Kang Xuan carefully prepared sweet bean paste stuffing, white glutinous rice flour, some kneading dough, some mixing stuffing, some rubbing dumplings, with both skillful hands, a white dumplings filled with dinner plates.After the dumplings were all wrapped, the volunteers carefully packed them in groups and put them into gift bags.Later, we went to see part of the elderly, lonely elderly, empty nesters.At 77-year-old Song Chuanhua’s home, volunteers cooked freshly packed glutinous rice balls and handed them to the woman while they chatted with her.Lightning news reporter Chen Haitao reports

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