“Go to grassroots in Spring” and “Village Night School” gather “energy Source”

“When the gas stove is not in use, the valve should be closed, and when the flame is red, the supply station security inspector should be contacted in time.”A few days ago, a picture and text of the gas safety class, in Lingbi County Yangtuan town Yangji village on time, listening to the “students” are nearby villagers.Such “village night school” classes have been opened in Yangji village for four years, and now there are more and more students, and the “courses” are more and more extensive.From the knowledge of gas use, electricity use and the Internet to agricultural skills, ecological environment, water and toilet improvement, and then to e-commerce sales platforms, small “village night schools” are gathering “energy sources” for rural revitalization.In 2017, Ge Delian, then vice chairman of Suzhou Women’s Federation, volunteered to serve as the first secretary and village work captain of Yangji Village.At the beginning of her tenure, Ge delian visited households and found that there was a villager whose home was on fire because of the non-standard use of gas stoves. Not only the house was burned down, but all the food collected was turned into ashes.She decided to use the evening to invite the staff of the gas and electricity companies to the village for a common sense lesson on safe use of gas and electricity.Later, to meet the needs of villagers, classes were extended to greenhouse fruit and vegetable cultivation, edible fungus cultivation, sweet potato cultivation, turtle farming, etc.”Night schools teach what the masses want, and ‘village night schools’ have been well received by the masses.””She said.The output of edible fungi, sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables and turtles in Yangji village is relatively large. Some villagers want to sell their products through e-commerce to increase their economic income.The village quickly coordinated with lingbi County Commerce Bureau related e-commerce enterprises to send relevant personnel to the village for training.Select samples, explanation, order, delivery, payment, return and other links, training personnel said, while the villagers remember while operating.It didn’t take long for some villagers to set up online shops to sell their goods.”In 2021, my family earned more than 800,000 yuan from online sales of bisporus mushrooms.”Yang Mengcheng, a villager, said that before offline sales were restricted by many factors and the price was low, but now online sales are increasing, and the supply of products is in short supply.”In the future, we will continue to use the ‘village night school’ as a propaganda and education front to better inform villagers of agricultural science and technology, environmental governance, toilet renovation, changing customs and other policy knowledge, so that it can better serve the people, party building and rural revitalization.”Yang Ji village party general branch secretary Cheng Zhuangzhuang told reporters.

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