Nets lose 11 in a row there’s no going back!The arrival of Sabonis, the king team inside the overall upgrade!

Nets VS Kings Nets return home, suffering an 11-game losing streak, with no confidence at all, and kyrie Irving will not be able to play. After all, it is a homecoming game, and the team is not too strong in this period.After all, the team lost James Harden, and the new players are still coming back, but drummond and Cescuri will be able to play in this game, which may be a little better, but without the core of Durant and Irving, the advantage is not so good.Kings road trip is open, play their guest victory beat the wizards, arvidas sabonis arrival gives to the team inside is clearly the role of the upgrade, and fox, Barnes these emphasis is pretty good, plus Justin HuoDi and di WenQin with the arrival of these players, good to the team that is,Their overall offense has been excellent during this period.I think it’s going to be difficult for the Nets to beat the Kings in this game, and they were beaten in the last game, so it’s going to be difficult for the Nets to rebound.

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