Really smart people, often can do three “not in a hurry”, occupy one is very rare

The pace of life in modern society is often very fast, although everyone lives in their own time zone, but in this time zone, everyone’s requirements for their own is so specific and harsh.In career, before the age of 35, you must break into the middle and senior levels of the company, otherwise The Times will not even say hello to you.In love, before the age of 30 must be married, otherwise it is older youth, will end up with no one to the end.There are many other kinds of social noise, so that urban men and women are often overwhelmed overnight.Yes, life is short, and a sense of urgency is good. It helps us to pursue happiness faster, so that life is not wasted.However, Chinese people often say that “haste makes waste”. It is not a good thing to pursue the success of career and love too quickly. Sometimes, slow down and don’t worry, you can often get unexpected harvest.Counting those successful people, in fact, in addition to their own efforts, they also have a common character – calm, not impatient.In their opinion, sometimes the more anxious they are, the more likely they are to make wrong judgments, and the more anxious they are, the more likely they are to lose their mental balance. Sometimes, success may be in front of them, but they miss the moment because they are too impatient.In fact, the really smart people have already practiced the three “no hurry”, while ordinary people often practice one can already benefit for life.One: Don’t rush to get rich, Seek accumulation along the way everyone works their whole life just to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible.Therefore, some people are always desperate to make money and seize any opportunity to double their bank balance.Some people even sacrifice their health, and some people are willing to violate the bottom line for money.In fact, if you want to obtain greater wealth, “eager for quick success and instant profits” is a big no-no.A lot of things in life are natural, early to do a good amount of accumulation, late to get qualitative change is also a matter of course.It’s natural for a new employee to want to prove himself, and it’s human nature to pursue a salary increase.But we must not be too hasty, even see the small gain forget the larger cause.For a new person, the salary is often not the most important, the most important is in the process of whether you have accumulated, harvest, your irreplaceability has increased.Only by taking one step at a time and playing it safe will the ideal salary and position come uninvited.For entrepreneurs, it is especially important to maintain a steady state of mind.Some people are so eager to gain temporary recognition and wealth that they lose sight of their larger vision and goals and find that they seem to have achieved nothing but the initial amount of wealth.Great cause is great, in fact, because before success, they have gone through a long wait, in all their sugar coated shells shake after the emergence of their own, they did not worry, also did not forget why to set out.”The world is prosperous and prosperous for profit, and the world is always for profit.” Through the ages, it is normal for people to pursue interests.But in the pursuit of wealth, learning to play the long game and not be blinded by immediate distractions is the key to success.If you want to achieve wealth and freedom, don’t rush for instant gratification. Take the long view, take the slow steps, do the little things along the way, and then wait for the flowers to bloom.Two: don’t hurry into love, but to experience the romance of a long stream modern pursuit of everything is fast pace, fast pace of career, fast pace of life, fast pace of love and fast pace of marriage……For today’s men and women, a fast pace means being efficient, and being efficient means reaching goals faster than everyone else.But does love really need to be efficient?Does love have a goal?Does fast-paced love really yield the ideal marriage?Of course, the answer is negative, love is a very sacred thing, need two feelings mutually pleasing spark collision, also need the joys and sorrows of day and night together, only a comprehensive understanding of this person, fully confirmed each other’s intention, it is possible to harvest a true to the good truth.In life, we all come and go alone. Therefore, in this journey of life, who is accompanying us, who are accompanying us, is so precious and important.Love is a heart to heart communication, since to communicate that is not a day can be concluded overnight.Love needs a long romantic, need day and night lingering, so, love is the most do not need to worry, in true love did not appear, you just try to operate their own good, when the time is ripe, god will choose a most suitable person, appear in your side.When true love comes, don’t rush to seek a “result”, but feel the love with your heart and warm each other’s hearts with love.In life, loneliness is the norm, and it is because of loneliness that the feelings between people become more important.Many people are eager to get married, so they say “I do” before they see it clearly, and then leave the taste of married life to themselves.In fact, marriage or love, are impatient, not anxious is respect for their own, but also respect for this relationship, love is a natural result, therefore, slowly, more wonderful.In real life, many people are eager to prove themselves to others, as if the evaluation of others is the foundation of their own, don’t care about their own psychological feelings, but also ignore their inner real needs.In the face of doubt, they are eager to prove that they are the chosen one, and in the face of opportunity, they are eager to prove that they are the right match.In fact, too anxious to prove themselves, but will be too hasty, and not in a hurry to prove themselves, but is often the best proof.In the zen monk’s sayings, Han Shan and Picked up the question and answer is very wise, Han Shan asked “the world someone slander me, deceive me, insult me, laugh at me, light me, mean me, evil me, deceive me, how should it be?”Endure him, let him, be alone, avoid him, bear him, respect him, ignore him. Stay a few more years, and look at him.”True, life in the world, we are always in doubt and doubt tenacious survival, but not all doubt is worth us to elaborate, time will let the clear self clear, before that, you just do yourself.Everyone will hear noises in their life. Some people will be jealous of your success and sarcastic that you don’t deserve it. Some people will start rumors and belittle the efforts of others because of their unbalanced mentality.In fact, in the face of these non-false structures, don’t get excited, and don’t have to prove anything to these people, just do what you think is right, don’t worry, everything will be the best arrangement.Life is a one-way train, the final destination is only one, therefore, the process is often more important than the result, whether wealth or love, can not be urgent, keep calm and calm, often let you harvest unexpected happiness.And do not worry, it is the greatest wisdom of adults and decent.I am Childe Muying. I can pour hot and sour chicken soup, and also write bed-warming stories.If you like my words, welcome to pay attention to me, let’s meet a better myself!

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