Wins again!Chinese mixed doubles team beat Australia in curling

Today, the Beijing Winter Olympic Curling mixed doubles round robin continues in the Beijing National Aquatics Center “ice Cube”.Chinese mixed doubles curling pair Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi edged out Australia’s Jill and Lleyton Hewitt 6-5 for their second straight victory.By virtue of the points advantage, the two – game – winning Chinese team and the British team are temporarily tied for the group top.In the first match yesterday, The Chinese team got off to a good start as fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi beat The Swiss pair Peret and Rios.It was the first time the Australian team had competed, and the first time curling Australia had ever had an athlete represent the country at the Winter Olympics.In their opening match, they lost 5-6 in 8 sets to American pair Persinger/Phyllis.In the first two innings of today’s game, each side scored a point from behind.In the third game, Fan Su yuan/Ling Zhi took the lead and got two key points.The fourth set was scoreless and China led 3 to 1 after half time.In the fifth, The Chinese team got a point from behind and the score came to 4-1.In the sixth inning, the unstoppable Gill/Hewitt scored three runs to tie the score at 4.In the seventh inning, Fan Su Won and Ling Zhi overcame the pressure to score two more runs to regain the lead 6-4.The Chinese pair held their opponents to one point in the eighth set to beat Gil/Hewitt 6-5 for their second straight win.Source | guangzhou yangcheng evening news · sent pictured above | xinhua coordinating editor | GeWanLi

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