Zhangjiachuan County in 2022 “Three rural” activities into the town of Liubao

Auspicious celebration of the Year of the Tiger, cultural benefits into thousands of people.On January 21, zhangjiachuan County 2022 culture, technology and health “three to the countryside” and legal publicity activities entered Liupu village and Fengyin Village of Liupu town.County literary federation, county justice Bureau, Liu Bao town health center, Liu Bao town police station and other related units responsible person and cadres and workers to participate in activities.At the scene of the activity, the staff took the initiative to clear up doubts and doubts for the masses and send New Year’s greetings.Writing Spring Festival couplets, sending books, speaking policies, laws and regulations, doing free diagnosis, teaching health knowledge, by the masses of praise.Busy writing Spring Festival couplets for the masses of the county cadres Zhao Xusheng said in an interview: “as’ three to the countryside ‘activities volunteer service, in the Spring Festival arrival, write a few couplets, for the masses to send the most sincere blessing, to practice the cultural person’s responsibility and mission, I feel very meaningful.””Such activities to send culture, knowledge and service are very down-to-earth. Everyone can understand, learn and harvest a lot. I hope we can hold more events in the future.”Said a crowd at the event.It is understood that the sending culture science and technology health “a program under which officials activity is Zhang Jiachuan county cultural huimin series of activities, one of the Spring Festival of 2022 by Zhang Jiachuan the county party committee propaganda department, county brigade, county WeiJian innings, federation, the group county party committee, county women’s federation, association for science and technology, technology bureau, the county county justice bureau, the county bureau of agriculture and rural areas, market supervision bureau and other departments to participate,By sending laws, knowledge, and warmth to villages and households in a way that the people enjoy, we will enrich people’s festive life in urban and rural areas, share the fruits of reform and development, foster civilized folkways, and promote rural revitalization.Tianshui Online statement: copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.

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