Reese: the ancestor of the refined egoist, the body of a monitor lizard, but only the nature of a mouse

Li Si, the prime minister of the Qin Dynasty, made great contributions to the unification of the qin Dynasty, especially after the end of the war, in terms of the unification of the internal language, the unification of weights and measures and the adherence to the system of prefectures and counties, Li Si’s contributions far exceeded others.It can be said that after the unification of the Qin Dynasty, standing at the historical juncture, most of Li si’s suggestions were based on how to maintain a highly unified country, which played an irreplaceable role in the important node of Chinese history.But it happened that this man, seemingly incomparable body behind, but hidden the heart of a rat, eventually not only let their own end miserable, but also let the final destruction of Qin, see through Li Si is to see through what we often say today exquisite egoist, and Li Si can be called the originator of exquisite egoism.Li Si was originally from Shangcai of The State of Chu. He was just a grammar official in his county. It is said that every man has an Epiphany moment in his life, and Li Si’s Epiphany moment was the moment when he saw a mouse running away in panic.It was a very common thing for him to go to the toilet, but when he saw the panicked appearance of the mouse, his mind suddenly flashed back to the image of the mouse in the granary. Not only did he have enough to eat, but he did not have to worry about being frightened.At that moment Lees had an Epiphany. He knew that the value of being a man depended entirely on what platform you stood on. To remain in the position of a petty officer was to be doomed to a life of mediocrity and fear, and he decided to leave.Just like the characters in popular online novels, niuren usually come from an ordinary background and then go to a certain school for further training, where he can get a great promotion.Li Si also knew his situation, so he decided to study first. Just at that time, xunzi, a famous Confucian scholar of the Warring States Period, gave a lecture in Lanling of the State of Chu, so Li Si decided to study.Different from other people’s way of study, Li si worked first and then studied. His study also had a clear and utilitarian purpose, and his rat-like thinking of making profits had firmly occupied Li Si’s whole life since then.After studying for several years, Li Si felt that he was ready to leave the mountain, and his vision was really improved. He decided to go to the state of Qin, because qin was the only country that could unite the world in the future.Famous people out of high students, have to say that Li si’s ability is still very outstanding, first in Lv Buwei’s door, then get Lv Buwei’s recommendation, to do lang officer in the palace, from then on opened the way of li Si’s rise.At that time, people like Li Si were the most popular in the State of Qin. They never cared about tradition and morality, let alone noble glory. They were rich in knowledge, and even more so when using it, Li Si, like a fish in water, finally obtained everything he wanted on a higher platform.This Kind of Li Si speaks a great deal of truth, but he has no principles, no belief, what he says and does, all for the sake of profit.Thirty years in the end, the emperor qin shi huang, Reese ushered in the most glorious moment in life, he became the empire’s prime minister, from now on a person under ten thousand, when the timid mouse, now finally grew up and became a monster, sons marry the princess, daughter is maharaja, Reese finally through the efforts, once reached their ideal of life.Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. The sudden death of The First Emperor of Qin during the tour made everything suddenly uneasy. Originally, the first Emperor of Qin had been dissatisfied with Li Si, but the death of the first Emperor of Qin made Li Si fall into a great fear.However, Zhao Gao changed his mind and decided to let Hu Hai succeed to the throne. Zhao Gao persuaded Li Si in a simple way, that is, interest, because After Fu Su succeeded to the throne, he would definitely appoint Meng Tian as prime minister. Moreover, Fu Su was a generous Confucian, and Li Si was out of place.Just a simple deduction of interests, li Si, already in his seventies, agreed to Zhao Gao’s proposal, pretended to be the imperial edent, let Hu Hai succeed to the throne, and sent people to kill Fu Su and Meng Tian in the name of The First Emperor of Qin.In Li si’s eyes, there is only interest, there is no portrait of Qin Shi Huang, there is no loyalty, there is only his own glory and wealth, about the dead Ying Zheng, he has no gratitude.In this way, Li Si seems to have won another victory. The brothers Fusu and Meng Tian Meng Yi are dead, but this is not the end of it, but as Hu Hai mutilates all his brothers and sisters, Li Si, the prime minister of the empire, does nothing and let it happen.In his mind, he did not have the stability of Qin at all. As a man with decades of experience, he did not take any action in the face of the second Emperor’s misdeeds. However, his repeated concession finally made Zhao Gao see through that this seemingly huge giant was just strong in the outside but weak in the middle.When ii determined enjoyment, began to alienate Reese Reese was very shameless on the bank of the letter they wished, name is play two accountable to the bank, please book, sima qian’s shiji full-text collected, with his unique brand of lis talent, wrote an argument only Kings pleasure-seeking, country to prosperity being evil.But the more there was no bottom line, the faster Li si’s life would perish. Finally, Zhao Gao decided to kill Li Si in order to seize the power.For the last time in his life, Li Si thoroughly carried out the rat philosophy to the end. Ancient officials and nobles, many in order to honor and face, were generally unwilling to accept the trial. At the same time, the prime minister Feng Quji and the general Feng Jiang, who were arrested, committed suicide, but Li Si did not.Li Si has been in high management for several decades. He doesn’t know what information barrier is, but the rat’s heart still has the hope of surviving.Li Si left a lot of political legacy to China. Even the sentence he said before his death, that he wanted to return to the east gate of his hometown, leading a big yellow dog, became literary allusion later, but after all, Li Si’s life was the life of a rat completely.What do you think about Reese? Please leave a comment.

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