The terminator of the struggle between schools, the Unified System of Traditional Chinese Medicine “Six Aspects of Classics” (I)

The six environment is divided into: the director did not melt environment, the corresponding environment, the party fuyang environment, save inverse dragon environment, sub in jiao 腠 and qi Heng Di luo environment.This is equivalent to the layering of martial arts in wuxia novels, and my jing Fang system is divided into these six realms, and every breakthrough is a new world.If we break through all the six realms, we can break through the realm of jing Fang and enter the realm of cultivation, proof and immortality.Therefore, I have divided the realm of sutras into six levels, but once it enters the realm of cultivation, proof and immortality, it is not what we study sutras.Therefore, these six realms are the steps before entering the cultivation of inner Dan and the cultivation of the immortal Way.There used to be a book called “auxiliary formula”, “auxiliary formula” what does it mean?This is an old Taoist priest named Tao Hongjing, he found some prescriptions in the book, auxiliary in monastic conditioning of the body, let the body completely without problems, lay the foundation for monastic foundation, so called auxiliary formula, so “auxiliary formula” is auxiliary monastic a book.According to this book, the highest level of studying sutras is the entry level of practicing Taoism, and the two are connected.Therefore, if you break through all the six realms of jing Fang, you can keep refining your body until you return to nature and rejuvenate, and then you have the foundation for cultivating Taoism.Now we begin to officially talk about the first of the six conditions – the director is not in the territory.We started to learn Chinese medicine, many people from the school of learning is the Yin and Yang, five elements, zang-fu organs, philosophical, who camp blood, meridians syndrome differentiation methods such as gas, to no matter what disease internal medicine points for card type, treatment and after each card, such as divided into partial real chill cold cold wind, the wind hot cold, dry wet cold cold, heat,There are partial deficiency of qi deficiency cold, blood deficiency cold, Yin deficiency cold, Yang deficiency cold.After classification, the symptoms are listed according to the characteristics of cold and heat in the basic theory of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine.Just like doing the problem, see the cold heavy fever light, flow clear nose, pulse floating tight, thin tongue coating thin white, must be cold;See the fever heavy aversion to cold light, yellow runny nose, floating pulse number, tongue edge tip red thin yellow moss must be wind heat cold.It seems that the syndrome differentiation of each disease can be inferred from the syndrome type characteristics of the basic theory of Traditional Chinese medicine.Qi deficiency is also the same, a tired and weak must be qi deficiency;A dry mouth does not want to drink, must be Yin deficiency;Complexion, pale lips and tongue that is blood deficiency;Fear of cold limbs cold, that is Yang deficiency.Syndrome type is determined after the analysis of the etiology and pathogenesis, are catchy four-word expression, such as “wind evil attack table, table guard do not xuan”, etc., the analysis is well understood, four words read is quite smooth.The next is the treatment, the treatment is logical reasoning, such as wind cold to promote lung and dissipate cold, wind heat to disperse wind and clear heat, heat and damp to clear heat, Yin deficiency nourishing Yin to relieve the surface, blood deficiency nourishing blood to relieve the surface, Yang deficiency warming Yang to relieve the surface, qi deficiency supplementing qi to relieve the surface.In the treatment, began to list prescriptions, wind-cold jing anti-baidu powder, wind-hot Yinqiao powder, warm and dry sangju drink, cool and dry Apricot Su powder, qi deficiency ginseng su drink, blood deficiency onion white seven flavor soup, Yin deficiency luxuriant soup, Yang deficiency remaking powder.Such a list, it is easy to say, studious, good to remember, good test.There is no problem if we use this reasoning method to deal with examination problems, but it is difficult to have such neat and typical symptoms in clinical practice, which leads to the first problem that school students face is atypical symptoms.A true story is told of a patient who went to a pharmacy to get his medicine filled. He took four prescriptions and said that each prescription took three pairs.The person of the drugstore is very curious, ask how many people do you fill medicine?The patient said he was the only one to eat it.The shop assistant asked him why a person to eat four square?This patient said he looked for a doctor, the doctor saw a book of internal medicine to say he this disease cent 4 model, each model is not typical but each model is like, the doctor distinguish does not prove to come, with respect to 4 card model fang zi each opened 3 pairs of rotation to eat, which fang zi effect is good then catch, other fang zi do not eat.This is a typical director is not in harmony, but also a common problem of traditional Chinese medicine.Director finally environmental problems show the book knowledge presentation, exam is also very severe, give students a lecture and know-how, we admire, but really see the patient can’t use, feel like every card, so either used deduction each eat for one of the most like, or exclude the most don’t like, or try one by one.These methods are not effective how to do, and began to find old Chinese medicine prescriptions, such as “thousands of important prescriptions”, “Chinese handed down medical prescriptions”, hope in the secret recipe prescription.In my bookcase, there are “Chinese handed down medical prescriptions”, “thousands of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions”, “one hundred years of experience of traditional Chinese medicine” and so on.I came to this way, thinking that this method can, but after more than ten years of use, still not sure to see a doctor, syndrome differentiation, which are like, when prescribing drugs feel very right, but do not know whether the patient is effective after taking medicine.Once effective, how to use it can make sense, can justify;If there is no effect, it is only to blame their own inaccurate dialectics, and never to their own knowledge system problems have been questioned.I went through many years of pain. During this period, I had no problems in lectures and examinations, but I was not sure of the curative effect when seeing a doctor. I dared not take my apprentices or see a doctor in front of students.When seeing a doctor, I feel the syndrome differentiation is correct, and I can explain the truth. But once the patient takes the medicine, the symptoms are not alleviated, or even aggravated, he will doubt the accuracy of his syndrome differentiation. In this case, of course, I dare not take students.I think almost everyone will face this problem when they go to the clinic, although they have a good grasp of the theory.In fact, this problem is not only caused by the learning method, but also caused by the teaching material system, and the result is that the directors can not be compatible.Theory is the theory, the matter is the treatment of specific patients, the actual curative effect.Theory and facts can not be in harmony, there is no way to find the old Chinese medicine prescription, cure feel old Chinese medicine experience is fierce, cure bad think old Chinese medicine is not good.Such a person can do scientific research no problem: for example, 188 cases of a certain disease and a certain syndrome were treated by a certain prescription with an effective rate of 98%.You can write a paper;Live old enough to be an old doctor of medicine.Why is that?If you’re famous enough and old enough, documented cases are effective.In a word, this situation is summarized as the trustee did not blend – reason is reason, matter is matter, the junction between the two has not been found, which is the first boundary of our classical school trustee did not blend.We don’t appreciate it, but it’s inevitable that everyone has to walk through it.In the first class, there are many doctors with academic backgrounds, many experts in scientific research, and even those who have been promoted to deputy senior high or full senior high or become famous doctors.This kind of person theory learns a lot, but alone out of the outpatient clinic can not open the situation, can only go to the ward to manage the patient, let the old traditional Chinese medicine prescription.When he had been working for many years and had reached the intermediate level and the deputy high level, he began to make medical visits, became famous, had his title and naturally had many patients. Then he felt that he had finally attained enlightenment.Their life is like this, a lifetime in this realm of people, learn a lot of things, but also carried out a lot of practice, but did not really enter the door of traditional Chinese medicine, he did not build up the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, road confidence, so it is called the director of the environment.The first level can be said to be teaching materials, scientific research, papers, residents, and veteran experts.As long as he is cured, whatever theory he uses can be explained. If he is not cured, the syndrome differentiation is wrong.All syndromes are wrong, that is to say that this disease was originally long course of disease, organic lesions, short-term cannot be effective, or this is the limitation of traditional Chinese medicine itself, or this disease is not the advantage of traditional Chinese medicine.It is even said that TCM can only play a supporting role in the medical system, and TCM should develop the treatment of diseases.And so on.From director did not melt condition can preliminary taste benefits of traditional Chinese medicine is the corresponding condition, once in the corresponding condition, although not cure all of the patients, but it can be cured more than people who director finally a large number of patients, this is equivalent to the traditional Chinese medicine opens a new door in front of him, would have a real confidence of TCM, the real love,This is the function of the corresponding context of the prescription.Prescriptions and corresponding circumstances can make people really settle down in TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, get the recognition of the patient group, find the confidence of traditional Chinese medicine.From the moment you enter the corresponding field of prescription, if you dare to show the treatment process in front of the students, you can be sure of how the patient will react after taking the medicine.Starting from the corresponding situation of prescription certificate, each layer is a horizontal level, which is infinite and worthy of lifelong improvement and learning.The three layers behind the corresponding environment of the formula are three dimensions and three environments, which is a three-dimensional system. One more realm means one more dimension, from low dimension to high dimension, and each dimension can be infinitely expanded.Once entered the corresponding environment, even if the corresponding prescriptions do not do well, but is already the reason and things began to merge.Moreover, the corresponding environment of the real prescription is a very broad level, and now many famous doctors with real talents are in the corresponding environment of the prescription, so NEXT time I will spare a large chunk of time to tell you about the corresponding environment of the prescription.To continue!!See: The terminator of the struggle of schools, the unified system of Traditional Chinese medicine “Classics and six borders” (2)

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