A nucleic acid positive case was reported in Yuci District, Jinzhong city, Shanxi Province

This article from: People’s Daily online’s taiyuan April 4 (reporter 3:58 Zhao Fang) on April 4th, jinzhong city, Shanxi Province quality report 1 case of nucleic acid testing positive for personnel, the nucleic acid testing positive for staff activities trajectory notice is as follows: the 7 March 30, 40 points, ride from liuzhou peninsula community with north brick brick to south village village near the intersection Lizzy this buy vegetables.At 7:40 on March 31, from the Longcheng Peninsula community by bike to the south brick well village and the north brick well village intersection near the Lizi shop to buy vegetables.At 17:20 on April 1, I bought food at Xiaofeng Grocery store in The north gate of Longcheng Peninsula community.Please report to local communities (villages) immediately if you have been to relevant key areas and places during the above risk period, and cooperate with health management measures.

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