Manchester United out!Atletico was suppressed by the referee, ronaldo led the team to express dissatisfaction

Manchester United host Atletico Madrid in the second leg of the Uefa Champions League with the score 1-1.In the second minute, Iranga headed in from Darlott’s cross into the penalty area. He collided with Obrak and the referee blew on the goalkeeper.In the 12th minute, United made a quick counter-attack, with Fee dribbling to the bottom line and Iranga firing from close range. The ball hit Oblak’s head and bounced off the far end.In the 25th minute, united were besieging atletico’s penalty area. Fred picked up the ball at the top of the area and crossed darlott, who knocked it back to Fred.Fred was wide open and had every chance to shoot or drive into the box, but the referee got in front of Fred and united’s chances were wasted.In the 33rd minute, as the Atletico midfielder set up an attack, Koke called off the defence and sent the ball straight to Llorente in the penalty area, who crossed the ball and tapped felix to score, but the referee ruled that Llorente was offside.In the 40th minute, Griezmann lodi headed home a cross from the right of the penalty area to make it 1-0 atletico.The goal was also met with much displeasure from united’s players.After the goal, Maguire complained to the referee that Atletico had fouled Elanga and brought him down before the cross, so the goal should have been disallowed.However, after the referee looked at the VAR, he denied that the Atletico player encroached on Elanga and considered that the Atletico goal was valid.The referee’s decision caused ronaldo’s anger, in response to the only way to express his arm.United manager Ranick can only shake his head, watching the score came to 1-2.After the second half, Atletico in order to maintain their lead, took the grass tactics, the rhythm of the game completely disrupted.However, the referee only gave four minutes of stoppage time, which was once again the dissatisfaction of the united team.”In the second half it was difficult and there were always interruptions, there were always people lying on the ground.I also have to mention that some of the decisions were strange, I wouldn’t say decisive, but at least they went down too often to waste time and four minutes of added time was a joke to me.

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