Ogling tiancheng, ancient ling machine strange, amazing years of 4 ancient beauty, early retreat circle too sorry

The entertainment circle is not short of beauty all the time, in the face of plastic surgery, network red face all over today, the face of identification is very important, good-looking beauty many, the big beauty in the entertainment of these a few, people red play red, early retreat circle let many people feel sorry.Yang Xue, the goddess of childhood Yang Xue – The five officials are delicate and have a good temperament. They have big, beautiful eyes with a malicious smile, and they are gentle and amiable, like a thorny rose.In the role of “small fish and flower” she played “Jiang Yuyan” became a lot of people purpose “evil female”, with a pair of watery innocent big eyes, the play all the severe role in addition to a clean, to his father Jiang Don’t crane not a bit soft.Do not need to be big thick makeup can be black to let a person see the fear, and now the drama black rely on thick makeup, acting can be said to be super fierce.In the play, “Beauty is strong and miserable” people set up to let the audience cry out for fun, but finally lost in love, many viewers said: good career is not sweet.Because “Jiang Yuyan” the role of Yang Xue time harvest a large number of fans, looks good, acting good but at the peak of the career because of pregnancy chose to retire to return to the family, had to let a person feel sorry.Now many netizens say that Yang Ying’s appearance may be in accordance with her appearance, if she did not leave the circle, there would be nothing for Yang Ying, the appearance is not pretty, but at least Yang Xue’s acting is not worthy of praise.Guo Zhen ni “hengdian queen” the outlooks of Guo Zhen Ni are not in entertainment circle the United States, but dress up to go up of ancient outfit she lets a person really jing jing, the appearance that is growing 7 minutes always can perform however the color of empress dowager.In the “Hua Xu lead only absolutely love of the city” in a person act the role of two corners, a naive and gentle sister Brocade sparrow, a ruthless ruthless people merciless use of elder sister Yingge.The delicate and innocent of the bird, that kind of small jasper feeling, unversed in the world, yingge’s cruel and merciless, no love, yingge’s heroic spirit between the eyebrows, let two people stand together even if do not speak can also let a person clear, an innocent a fierce, a look let the audience know who is.Guo Zhenni played the role of each have their own characteristics, and let a person feel not “play”, can only say that the acting is really great, can only find a circle back.Sun Li sun Li’s costume modeling is also beautiful unique, gentle and quiet temperament, a lot of costume modeling is very suitable, in the classic TV drama “Chinese Sword Legend” in the role of “Nu Wa posterity”, smart and clear eyes, for the world people give up life forget their own actions, leave a deep impression on people.At the same time as “strange woman in Liaozhai”, “Beauty of the Legend of heaven and Earth” and other films and TV dramas are all amazing.After sun Li and Huang Lei got married, they basically withdrew from the entertainment circle and devoted themselves to their family.Yang Ruirui graduated from The Beijing Film Academy, at a young age in many films and television works, crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Queen of Bigfoot horse and other films and TV series.Really let her red at that time is “happy day comedy seven fairies” this TV series, Yang Rui as seven fairies in the “qinger”, ancient clever strange, lively and lovely character, plus small jasper temperament, I still pity the feeling is a lot of people imitate, let her fame for a while.She thought her career would be better and better, but she chose to get married in the rising stage of her career. After marriage, she did not choose to take films, and no drama to take slowly withdrew from everyone’s vision.She has not acted in seven years due to her pregnancy and failed to manage her weight. It is a pity that she gave up her career when she was on the rise.

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