The after-effects come too soon!China responded to Lithuania’s hasty offer of peace

Lithuania just a small central Asian country, in order to please the americans, even openly with the Taiwan question to test the bottom line of China, the Chinese government has simple two can effortlessly it on the ground for a “friction”, recalled China’s ambassador to establish foreign, to downgrade its diplomatic relations, the next is the spontaneous formation of the Chinese national and other countries “sanctions” against Lithuania,What Lithuania did not expect was that the sequelae came too fast and became more serious. The United States did not respond to its request for assistance at all, and even the European Union made a show of it. So far, more than two months have passed without any actual actions.Before that, both the president and the opposition parties publicly admitted their mistakes and asked the government to come up with a plan to ease the neutral relationship. However, the Government was firm and showed no intention of easing the neutral relationship. The Foreign Minister even publicly stated that he would not change the current China policy.In recent days, foreign Minister Ranzbergis was reported to have submitted a plan to improve the neutral relations, but it is not clear what the details will be.Lithuania for provocation summation observers said the apology and neutral relations thoroughly the stalemate has had more than two months time, during this period, China is not affected by any, in contrast, Lithuania’s situation is quite bad, not only affected by the serious national economy, even for domestic government has also had a crisis of confidence, even urged the government to step down,Both the Lithuanian president and the opposition party publicly admitted their mistakes in their China policy and hoped to ease bilateral relations as soon as possible and re-embark on the road of cooperation, but such ideas failed to materialize due to the limited power.The Lithuanian government’s attitude has been very firmly, is likely to be in the hope of the eu, but it’s clear so far, the eu has no concrete action to help Lithuania through the crisis, in this case, the authors of the United States had to say, the Lithuanian government was no longer the hard shoulder, his foreign minister submitted to improve ties between the neutral plan,President Li immediately announced that he would hold a summit with China to discuss ways to ease relations between the two countries.In order to improve relations, The Chinese side requires that the responsibility for the current situation lies entirely with Lithuania’s obstinately acting as an anti-China pioneer of the United States, only to suffer the consequences in the end. In order to ease the situation, the Chinese side has made it clear that it has a requirement: Lithuania must show sincerity on the Taiwan issue.After all, things happen for a reason, and if the cause of this incident does not change, there will be no result. I hope Lithuania can clearly realize this point, do not have the mentality of luck, and want to work for the United States, but also want to be good friends with China, you know that China will not be the slightest ambiguity on matters of principle.Some sources: Defense Times

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