Three details prove: Lu Xin Yuhao Spring Festival Gala first show “overturned” is not accidental

Lu Xin yuhao let us down!This should be a lot of love Lu Xin Yuhao this brother cross talk audience inner feelings?Annual twenty-nine, zero before the bell Lu Xinyu hao appearance, is the last one language programs, also is one of the last in a sense, thought this is the CCTV Spring Festival gala a “reward” for young artists, after all the years, the Spring Festival gala said crosstalk performer, not within the system, is the Devon community, never appear unexpectedly, the results?Facts prove: Lu Xin Yuhao became cannon fodder!02. Today, we look at it from three angles: why Did Lu Xin yuhao overturn her car?Angle 1: Poor psychological quality Lu Xin Yuhao has proved her strength many times on the stage of “Happy Comedians” and “Swordsman”. She has solid basic skills, can sing and dance, knows how to create and innovate, and her comprehensive ability is definitely not lower than deyun Society actors!But the Spring Festival Gala, especially the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, is a dream platform for many artists. For Lu Xinyuhao, landing on such a stage is beyond their imagination. Performing in front of a national audience of more than one billion people, some flaws are understandable!Don’t say Lu Xin Yuhao, strong as Zhao Benshan, there are mistakes!The careful audience found that Lu Xin Yuhao performed in songs before she appeared on the stage, but after she ended, she still performed in songs. Songs are different from crosstalk and sketches, and their duration is fixed and cannot be compressed. A few minutes is a few minutes!To be clear, from midnight bell to Lu Xinyuhao’s performance, the time here is fixed, if other artists in front of the performance for a long time, Lu Xinyuhao is bound to shorten their performance time, resulting in their first show in the spring evening only more than seven minutes, and a normal performance, should be about 12 minutes!In terms of content, Lu Xin yuhao’s works are not foreshadored enough, the ending is sloppy, and the whole process is a bit hasty, which belongs to the typical “rush rhythm”, and there is a big gap from our impression of them!04 Angle three: subject subject is limited as Guo Degang, the first time on the Spring Festival Gala, said is his old work “the Black Sheep”, which cut a lot of classic bridge, leading to the audience after seeing the ability of Guo is very general, not so strong in the legend, so magical!The CCTV Spring Festival gala this year a total of two crosstalk works, one is Lu Xinyu hao “like”, the other is Jiang Kundai zhicheng “joy dialect”, are traditional works, though not within the system actors Lu Xinyu hao, but work situation need to consider the feeling of the kun, if out of himself in the comedy “the joy of work, don’t blow not black said,”Happy Dialect” will be ruined!After the broadcast, in the face of many netizens ridicule and sarcasm, Lu Xin’s explanation is “Spring Festival Gala, not what you want to do”!It should be pointed out that Lu Xin Yuhao also landed in Shandong Spring Festival Gala and performed a work named “Have you heard”. This work is very novel and satirical of some routines, which is a rare satirical reality cross talk in recent years. The audience’s response to this work is quite good!Therefore, It is inevitable that Lu Xinyuhao will crash in the Spring Festival Gala. There are immature mentality, time and pressure from Jiang Kun, but if we carefully watch Lu Xinyuhao’s performance, their basic skills are pretty good. They have voice and attitude.

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