Yulin central city shahe Road, Mingzhu Road street area 17-18 to carry out epidemic prevention practice

On 17 February, the Office of the Leading Group for Joint Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia epidemic in Yulin city issued the latest circular. The full text of the circular is as follows: In order to fully implement the regular prevention and control of COVID-19, ensure that all measures are fully implemented and improve the emergency response level of epidemic prevention and control.The Municipal Leading Group for Joint Prevention and Control of COVID-19 has decided to carry out the actual combat exercise on epidemic prevention in Shahe Road and Mingzhu Road Sub-district of Yulin Central Urban Area from February 17 to February 18, 2022. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1. The exercise will be conducted from 22:00 On February 17 to 22:00 on February 18, 2022.(1) Shahe Road Street area.Closed control area for high-tech mansion residential area (into xi road and tongda road junction northwest corner).The control area reaches shahe Road in the north, Beixi Ring Road in the south, along the railway in the west and Pearl Avenue in the east.The prevention area is the south area of open source community.(2) Pearl Road Street area.Sealed control area for yushen small area.Area 4: Shahe Road in the north, Beixi Ring Road in the south, Mingzhu Avenue in the west and East Ring Road in the east.Prevention area for the southern district (Sanchen community).Iii. Drill Scenarios When COVID-19 positive cases occur in the simulated area, actual drills will be carried out in terms of command and dispatch, emergency response, patient transport, community containment, epidemiological investigation, management of close contacts, regional full-staff nucleic acid testing, and on-site disinfection with reference to real scenarios.Iv. Control Measures During the actual combat exercise, all personnel in the containment area are prohibited to move;The movement of all personnel within the control zone is restricted, all social vehicles (including non-motor vehicles) are prohibited from driving on roads, buses and taxis are suspended, government offices, enterprises and public institutions are under local control, shopping malls and stores are closed, and medical institutions and designated pharmacies are normally open.If you really need to enter and exit the control area, you need to hold the pass issued by the actual combat drill headquarters of Shahe Road and Mingzhu Road sub-district.V. All personnel in the nucleic acid testing exercise area shall register in advance at yulin Nucleic Acid Testing Electronic Body Platform, wear masks according to unified arrangements, carry mobile phones, personal ID cards or household registration books, and follow the command of field staff to conduct nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner.Vi. Material Support The necessary supplies for daily life and medical treatment in the sealed control area will be uniformly distributed by the actual combat drill headquarters of Shahe Road and Mingzhu Road sub-district.Within 24 hours, one person in each household is allowed to purchase daily supplies and medicines at designated places with his/her pass.Vii. Emergency treatment During the actual combat drill, emergency medical personnel in the controlled areas can dial 120 for emergency transfer by ambulance;For other urgent matters, please contact the actual combat drill headquarters of Shahe Road and Mingzhu Road sub-district.Eight, other issues during the practice, the practice area will have to wear medical protective equipment of medical staff, police, emergency personnel and various types of vehicles, please the masses do not panic, do not stay together to watch, not to take photographs, video may not be relevant information, pictures, video upload network, disinformation, tale, do not believe a rumor,Actively cooperate with the exercise activities.Those who interfere with and hinder the drill, maliciously fabricate rumors, spread false information or upload relevant information, pictures and videos to the Internet and cause bad social impact will be investigated for relevant legal responsibilities according to law.Shahe Road street area combat drill headquarters phone: 0912-3368550 0912-3363009 Pearl Road street area combat drill headquarters phone: 0912-3383015 0912-3383038 0912-3383039 source: Yulin release

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