70% of all illnesses are emotional: repressed emotions are wreaking havoc on your body!

People suffer in the family, depression, pain, will precipitate in the body.Your brain forgets temporarily, but your body remembers.For every disease in the world, it’s the immune system that loses the battle.All the grievances, entanglements and anger will eventually turn into an immune storm. In the field of western medicine experience, there are still many sudden diseases, and no one knows the specific causes.Modern people are more and more prone to various diseases, because do not pay attention to health?No!Too many people spend a lot of money on health care, but this idea is simply to treat the body as a machine, forget the body, mind and even body, mind, spirit.There was a woman with terminal lung cancer who had lived with her in-laws all her married life.Although her husband’s family is good to her, but she hopes very much to be able to have their own space, with her husband mentioned several times want to move out of the in-laws’ home were rejected.She gradually dropped the subject, too.Until last year, when she had lung cancer without warning, it turned out to be terminal.Her family’s economic condition is particularly good, in addition to receiving western medicine treatment, the family also helped her find a famous psychological therapist.When the psychotherapist asked her during a hypnosis session, what is her greatest wish in life?She said only one thing: “I want to have a home of my own, just with my husband and children, not a big one, not for a long time, just a few months.”She spoke her wish calmly, and there was a smile on her lips that she didn’t even notice.People only like good emotions, such as happiness, and suppress negative ones, such as sadness and fear.We do not know that grievance, oppression, pressure, all accumulated in the body, one day, a storm of immunity, can take away life.We’ve been underestimating the wisdom of the body. There’s a sophisticated immune system in the body, and I’m talking about the immune system, not just in the narrow sense of western medicine, but also in self-diagnosis, in the management of the body’s resources, in self-repair, in regeneration.When we produce a variety of emotions, the body’s immune system is the first to be attacked.More than 70 percent of people digest their emotions by attacking their bodily organs, which is one of the biggest causes of the condition.Different emotions will attack different organs. The ancient wisdom of Chinese traditional medicine has proposed that the kidney hosts fear, the liver stores anger, and the lung hides sadness…In addition, labours, tension causes stomach disease mostly, often feel unpleasant, strong person loves migraine, indecisive, lack self-confidence is the mood label of diabetic person normally.Take women again as an example: angry not easy to get mammary gland hyperplasia, long-term stasis prone to breast cancer, ignore the female identity will affect ovarian health, menstrual disorder, husband and wife affection discord gynecological disease entanglement.According to the study, the top seven emotions that cause immune system problems are: anger, sadness, fear, depression, hostility, suspicion, and seasonal disorder (summer arguments and friction;There are more depressed people in winter than usual.Someone has done an experiment: hang up the monkey and give electrical stimulation, so that the monkey has been in an anxious mood, soon the monkey got gastric ulcer.The pathological mechanism of gastropathy was studied by means of fiber gastroscope, X-ray, electroencephalography and biochemistry.When we experience symptoms such as skin irritation, sore throat, stomachaches and ulcers, insomnia and dreams, and frequent headaches, we often wonder: Is there something wrong with our bodies?In many cases, negative emotions are the culprit.Physical discomfort and illness are cries and distress signals a friend of mine had a late-night conversation last night, and he was interested in talking about a chapter on emotions and illness in my new course.He asked me: my younger brother is what emotion caused by juvenile hoary head?I said, “I’m doing my best.””How?” he asked.I answer: be yourself, give back the wishes of others.He nodded and asked again: my father in my mother died that night night gray is also because of emotion?I said: yes, too sad, desperate.He asked: What is the reason why I lost my hair recently for no apparent reason?I answer: anxiety.He asked: I don’t want to be anxious, but “I can’t do it!”I said: Why live in the future?Live in the present.Don’t ignore the huge sore at the bottom of your emotions.We often say, “I’m so angry,” “I’m so stressed,” “I’m not happy,” which is the emotion.Anger makes people feel out of control, and the body automatically releases a large number of factors harmful to the respiratory system;Anxiety makes people’s body into an empty kettle of dry burning state, a little wear away the heart;Pressure is frustrating, like an invisible hand, covering one’s nose, visible through the gray sky, but not touch the five fingers.The body doesn’t lie. It faithfully stores all our emotions, and illness is a reminder to be true to our real needs, to deal with them properly, and to trust the body’s capabilities.When we are sick, we should not only treat the disease, but also find the cause of the disease.When the various rashes on our skin, like the eruption of a small volcano, but do not say: I am angry, please see my angry heart;Many diseases are caused by our own emotions, even if we feel better, when our mood comes up again, our health is gone.A friend had a severe pelvic inflammatory disease.She got it after her ex-husband had an affair, but it was her body saying, “I won’t be with someone who cheated on me!”Fortunately, after the divorce, she found a person who truly loved her, and with proper conditioning and treatment, she had long since recovered from her illness.As the ancients say, “Heart disease must also be heart medicine.”As I am typing this post, a friend is visiting me at home.He asked me: Does mood have anything to do with gout?I answer: yes.He asked me: What emotion?I say: give yourself up.He asked me: What does gout mean to the body?I said: Only the unbearable pain will remind you that you are still alive.No wonder I suddenly got gout a few years ago, he said.I took some medicine, but it didn’t help. That year, I was unemployed and at home. I was full of ambition and didn’t want to take action.A doctor friend of mine says that more than a third of the patients who come to the hospital now have psychological problems and less than a third have physical problems, and physical problems lead to psychological problems.So they can no longer rely on a purely biomedical model to treat these patients, but rather on a “bio-psycho-social” approach.So loving yourself is not just about living in the best house, eating the best food, being true to your heart, and going beyond yourself. It’s about being more mindful of your emotions than anyone else, more sensitive than anyone else to the signals your body sends when fatigue has reached a critical point and you need to rest;You need to manage your immune system when you are not sick;When to cry and yell, when to let go and forgive.When is it worth being bold and confident…You know better than anyone where your emotions and body are and digest it.There is no comfortable and wonderful life in the world, the good future is hard work, want to be responsible for their dreams, responsible for the family, we must manage emotions, have a strong body.Public Security Qindu Sub-bureau 24-hour psychological assistance hotline: 18691892591, Li Linbo (national second-level psychological consultant) Statement: reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Source: Police yuan heart language

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