Miss teacher Chen Zhengwei

I was heartbroken when Chen Zhengwei, a famous Peking Opera artist and a disciple of Mei Lanfang, the master of Peking Opera, passed away.During my study and work in the Peking Opera Troupe, Mr. Hu treated me with great care as both teacher and mother, which greatly benefited me in my study, art and career.Chen Zhengwei teacher’s real name Chen Lehua, Beijing Opera Qingyi, hua Shan Dan son line.She was born in a scholarly family. Her father Chen Dabei was the founder and pioneer of Chinese drama art and made outstanding contributions to it.Mei Lanfang, a Peking Opera master, had a close relationship with Mr. Chen Dabei.After His death, His wife and daughter lived in Beijing.Mr. Mei learned that, formally accepted as a student in the room;Chen Zhengwei eat and live in mei’s house, the art of the master true biography.Since then, Chen zhengwei’s artistic career has been brilliant, in addition to performing with Mei Lanfang, Zhou Xinfang, Gai Jiaotian and other Peking Opera masters, she also starred in the comedy film “two Hundred and Fifty Stories”, starring in the Peking Opera “Big Split Coffin” was also made into a movie.Miss Chan is a principled, upright, selfless, upright and respected elder.When he worked in the East China Experimental Peking Opera Troupe, he was classified as a rightist because of his integrity and righteousness, and later transferred to the Yangzhou Regional Peking Opera Troupe.In addition to acting in dozens of representative operas of the Mei School and traditional operas, the Yangzhou Peking Opera Troupe has also starred in modern Peking Opera “Shajiabang”, “Red Lantern”, etc., and created “Capture the Seal” and “Ode to cherry Blossom”.In March 1977, I was admitted to the Beijing Opera Troupe in Yangzhou. Ms. Chen Zhengwei was our art director and teacher.I still remember that Teacher Chen Zhengwei taught us to report the performance of “The Phoenix Returns the Nest”. At that time, the Yangzhou Regional Peking Opera Troupe was performing in the Zhihuai Auditorium in Yangzhou. With the consent of the regional cultural bureau and the leadership of the troupe, the students used the traditional costume of the old troupe to report the performance in the Zhihuai Auditorium.The staff member that is in charge of costume headdress is not willing to take out feng Guan Xia pei of the newest and best costume that old group female lead actor uses, Chen teacher knows hind greatly angry, mercilessly criticized big clothes box.After consulting the leaders of the troupe, we finally reported the latest and best costumes to our students for the performance.She said, in front of the art teacher students are equal, in front of the audience to present the most perfect art to him (her), including clothing clothing.When the opera “The Phoenix Returns the Nest” was later performed in Yangzhou Red Flag Theater, the original performance was arranged for 10 days, but it was extended to 15 days later. In my memory, it was also performed in the afternoon, and a total of 18 performances were performed.With the efforts of Teacher Chen and the leadership of Peking Opera Group, we obtained a considerable fund from the regional cultural bureau to purchase a large number of new traditional theatrical costumes, costumes and props, as well as knives and guns for our students in Beijing Training class.When Mr. Chen and his wife Mr. Chen Songshou were transferred to Nanjing, they even talked with me specially, and prepared to negotiate with the leaders of Yangzhou Troupe to take me to the provincial drama school for further study.Although it was not possible for many reasons, I am still grateful to them today.Mr. Wang Renyuan, a Chinese drama critic and my teacher, commented on Ms. Chen zhengwei: “Ms. Chen zhengwei is a true teacher and a true teacher of Peking Opera art inherited from Mei Lanfang.Mr. Chen Zhengwei, our teacher, lives forever in the temple of Peking Opera!Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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