A quiet heart (group of poems) Beijing Zhang Xingui

A quiet heart Beijing Zhang Xigui Meet first I’ll give you a smile Your troubles begin to melt Narrow road I’ll get out of your way You left me to walk freely Walk to the stand I overcharged you a few cents Smile How does his heart feelDon’t know yourself very open-minded scale up a scale down much less valuable (3) knowing that other people don’t want to quiet scold a few words about go far point is not just the change of sound troubles to premature old than many silly points year (4), walking down the street beauty don’t see don’t see just moments will upset the handsome boy don’t see him that was all exquisite packaging decoration, often notThere is genuine (5) open right now a lot of reading classic saint to begin to tell you spare the life thinking more reading on the zha say life make a person do not necessarily have the book says well (6) once you have to sit down and write some articles mind inspiration to write the article why glowed a blow brag without saying a word out of fight hand (7) to do too much xiangfujiaozi filial piety the oldPeople is full of things to do to the heart of peace walking by looked at the scenery the natural breath fresh air than the pull is strong (eight) listen to Lao tze read Confucius book zhuang zi and mencius are usually one who is, won’t say the somebody else in life saint for thousands of years can put words to reflect what they know the truth of life will understand a lot of (9) you don’t read the saint doesn’t explain to youIs a clever man you just read the book sage is not necessarily so smart people who do not read saint is not I a saint reading few but no one read saint not smart you don’t tell the others don’t clever (10) clean heart is to talk less from incorrect things ears again Ming all the people of the world didn’t listen to is make some less is not bad but also not to help the good wishIs to clean oneself clean oneself

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