Huainan Normal University organized a visit to the staff on duty during the Spring Festival

Taurus bow to the old year, tiger prance to welcome the New Year.On January 31, the New Year’s Eve, Zhao Hui, member of the Party Committee of Huainan Normal University, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and the supervisor of Huainan Normal University, on behalf of the Party Committee and the administration of huainan Normal University, visited the security staff and logistics staff who stayed at their posts during the Spring Festival and welcomed the New Year together with the staff who stayed at their posts.Wang Bingyou, director of the Office of the Party Committee of the university, Shi Shenjun, director of the Security Department, Xu Bo, director of the logistics support and basic Construction Department and other department heads accompanied to attend the condolence activity.Zhao Hui and his delegation visited the duty booth at the gate of Quanshan Campus, the campus 110 emergency command center, and the second canteen of Quanshan Campus to visit the staff on duty and check the campus security.Everywhere, school leaders and the staff on duty friendly communication, thanks for them to work during the Spring Festival, wish them a happy New Year, happy life and everything goes well, and ordered them to strictly implement the latest epidemic prevention and control requirements, grasp the real carry out prevention and control measures, build a holiday epidemic prevention and control security barrier, as always, do a good job holiday on duty,Improve safety awareness, seriously do important places, key parts and important facilities such as water, electricity and heating inspection, timely find, control, eliminate all kinds of security risks, make emergency plans in advance, to ensure that everyone has a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.All the staff on duty expressed their deep gratitude to the school leaders for their concern and sympathy, and said that they would live up to expectations, do their work conscientiously, carry out epidemic prevention and control measures in a meticulous manner, and earnestly implement all the work to ensure the smooth operation of the school during the Spring Festival holiday.

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