Ioc President Bach once again accepted the media exclusive interview

On the occasion of the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach once again accepted an exclusive interview with reporters from the China Media Group at the Bird’s Nest Studio.Question: At the 139th Session of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee yesterday, you presented the Olympic Cup to all the Chinese people to thank them for their outstanding contribution to the Beijing Winter Olympics.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games have attracted unprecedented attention in China and the world, demonstrating strong cohesion in making the world a more united place. The international community has become more sympathetic to the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind.A Pew Research Center report released earlier this month found that more than 90 percent of Americans have heard little or nothing about a “boycott” of the Games, despite previous claims.What historical significance do you think these Games will have for the international Olympic movement and the world today?Bach: First of all, the legacy is the legacy of the Winter Olympics, and these winter sports will be dramatically changed by Beijing 2022, because in China we already have 300 million people participating in snow sports.Winter sports have huge potential and the international federations of winter sports are very happy with this result and have reached an agreement with all relevant parties in China to make winter sports sustainable and not just for the Winter Games.In this event, our athletes really showed their spirit and showed us friendship, understanding and peace.Athletes from Ukraine and Russia, for example, were able to hug each other, and I saw Chinese athletes show their support to American athletes by giving them Olympic badges to show their hospitality.We also saw many athletes salute the Chinese volunteers during the opening ceremony, and there are many such examples, showing us that the Olympics can transcend political disputes.Reporter: before the start of the Olympics, China has achieved xi chairman put three hundred million people to participate in the goal of ice and snow sports, you will be in the day before yesterday, said at a news conference China for five hundred million people participate in the goal of ice and snow sports, what do you think after the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese people to participate in the enthusiasm of the ice and snow sports, ways and in-depth what new change?Bach:We believe that some winter sports will be able to change people’s way of life, more sports also means the way of life and the body more health, the health is not only physical health, mental health, so we can see that during the period of the outbreak, mental health and physical health is more important, can help us to deal with the outbreak, some limitations.At the social level, we can see that more young people now understand the value of sports through sports: unity, respect for rules, learning, team spirit, constantly exploring and even breaking through their limits in sports.The Winter Olympics have also been a major boost for the sports industry.According to our forecast, the market value of winter sports in China will reach $150 billion by 2025.We see that the size of China is very large, which will give a huge boost to winter sports around the world.Question: Chinese athletes have achieved breakthrough results in this Winter Olympics, which are beyond those of previous games. How do you evaluate the performance of the Chinese delegation?How does this play into the development of winter sports in China?Bach: I was very happy to see the gold MEDALS won by the Chinese team, especially the gold MEDALS won by Gu Ailing in the big platform and the gold MEDALS won by the Chinese team in the double free skating yesterday. I saw the enthusiasm of the athletes during these competitions.These athletes are going to be role models, not just for winter sports, but for Sports in China, and we can see that all around the world, athletes are going to inspire people to get involved in sports.So these athletes will be our role models and will be able to further inspire people and become ambassadors for the Olympic movement and the values of the Olympic Games.Question: China Media Group has maintained a high level of TV viewing and new media communication for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. As of February 17, the media coverage of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has reached 48.474 billion viewers across media, including 31.973 billion viewers on TV and 16.501 billion viewers on new media platforms.That is to say, three days before the closing of the Winter Olympics, the media coverage of the Beijing Winter Olympics has surpassed the overall cross-media coverage of the Tokyo Olympics, which reached 47.905 billion times.As the Winter Olympic Games are coming to a close, how do you evaluate the achievements the China Media Group has made in the communication of the Winter Olympic Games?Bach: the central radio and television reception of coverage of the event and spread at unprecedented scale and success, just as what you said just now, the central radio and television reception desk also truly led the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for the winter Olympics, let the Chinese people to know more about the winter Olympics, and let the Chinese people can to share with each other for the enthusiasm of the winter Olympics.In this regard, the International Olympic Committee greatly appreciates the success achieved.Because through such broadcast coverage, the Olympic spirit and values can be further promoted in China.At the same time, we can also see that the China Media Group has made a great contribution to the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee through OBS broadcasting, and your colleagues have also achieved good results in various work, which has also added luster to the global TV broadcasting.Question: A few days ago, you presented the IOC President’s Award to The Director of the China Media Group, which reflects the IOC’s recognition of the achievements the Media Group has made in the development and communication of the International Olympic Movement.The headquarters cooperated closely with OBS this time, many projects of public signal adopted cutting-edge innovative technologies such as 8K, and the professional team’s level was also recognized by the International Olympic Committee.The headquarters is working with China’s General Administration of Sport to organize events such as dragon boat races to reserve events for the Olympics.In your opinion, what further cooperation can be done between the headquarters and the IOC in the future?Bach: We believe that our cooperation will go from strength to strength, especially on CCTV16, the Olympic Channel.This channel will allow these athletes to serve as role models to spread their stories and let more Chinese people know about them.In this way, we can further explore some of the stories we already have, through the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and international events, to give you more background to the events.So I believe there is great potential in this area and we will further strengthen our cooperation in this area.There are some other places, such as technological breakthroughs, like a desk and China central television (CCTV) in the past few years are to be carried out in 8 k and other technology to try and application, and we believe this work will continue on the one hand, we are very willing to share our experiences, and strengthen cooperation on the Chinese side, in particular, learning from each other in terms of coverage, make progress together.(Source: CCTV Sports, China Media Group)

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