Putin ordered 170,000 troops to surround Ukraine in four directions as Ukraine expanded its army by 100,000

Welcome to “Military Emergency news”!We all know that the situation in eastern Ukraine has reached a fever pitch, with more than 100,000 Russian troops ready to take over Ukraine at any moment, and then Ukrainian President Zelensky did something stupid…On February 1st he suddenly signed an order to expand the armed forces by 100, 000 over three years, and to raise their salaries. Perhaps out of his head, he claimed that war with Russia was not imminent, suggesting that he intended to fight a long war.To know in the Ukrainian border has been deployed more than 100 battalions, about 175,000 people, has formed a situation surrounded by all sides, and only 7 days Russia can gather 780,000 troops, with the fighting strength of Ukraine can not even carry 24 hours, these Russian troops can even a NATO emergency!The naive Zelensky was still there, saying: “This decree was not made because we are going to have a war soon…It is for peace in Ukraine soon and in the future.”The combined armed forces of Ukraine are less than a quarter of a million men and far less equipped than Russia’s.In fact, in the Ukrainian army, the mentality of soldiers has broken down.A few days ago, a 21-year-old soldier of the Ukrainian National Guard, overwhelmed, took out an automatic rifle from his Arsenal and opened fire on his fellow soldiers, killing five people and injuring five others. Some experts said that the long-term preparation for the war had caused psychological stress.As the military did so, local Ukrainians, aware of the increased risk of all-out war, rushed to banks to exchange cash, withdraw money from their accounts, stock up on food and even empty their shelves.Responding to these pre-war signs, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said it was all right, there would be no fighting.But no one is a fool. After all, Ukraine is being supplied with arms from America and 2,000 new anti-tank missiles from Britain.Back to Russia.In fact, the Russian army did not intend to attack Ukraine. It was only under the instigation of the United States that there were signs of the so-called “Russian army trying to use force against Ukraine”.Even Putin has made it clear that the US is using Ukraine as a tool to contain Russia, rather than caring about Ukraine’s security, and wants to draw Russia into armed conflict.In fact, Mr Putin’s demands are very low: stop NATO expansion, no more strike weapons near Russia’s borders, and restore NATO’s military infrastructure in Europe to the state it was in 1997 when Russia signed the basic relations document with NATO.But the United States has refused to agree to even the most basic of demands.As a fighting nation, Putin was unhappy.In particular, relations between Russia and Ukraine have deteriorated rapidly recently, as both countries have already deployed a large number of military personnel and equipment along the border.Now Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has challenged Putin’s psychological bottom line by asking for 100,000 more troops.He has given Ukraine numerous opportunities, each small Ukraine in the United States under the instigation of all failed to grasp, the current Russian 170,000 troops surrounded, and a part of the Russian army has been deployed to the bridgehead of the war – Belarus, even if Putin came to Beijing to watch the Winter Olympics will not delay the troops launched attacks.Finally, whether Putin can fight depends on Ukraine’s performance and sincerity, but we also want to hear your opinion, once the fight, guess whether the Ukrainian army can survive 24 hours?Leave a comment in the comments section!

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